The Urban Oasis Park of Zhudong Community won the Architectural Garden Award and Taiwan Landscape Award for Excellent Work.

(Photo by reporter Su Funan)

[Reporter Su Funan/Kaohsiung Report] A low-lying land in Zhudong Community, Zhudong District, Kaohsiung Road, was originally dirty and full of water, which caused great headaches for the community residents. Community director Gao Chuntao led volunteers to overcome all difficulties and gradually build it. The low-lying land turned into a bright spot The eye-catching "urban oasis" park has won the Architecture Garden Award and the Taiwan Landscape Award.

Gao Chuntao said that this low-lying land covers an area of ​​about 1,000 pings. In the 1960s, it was designated by the government as a "pre-planned children's park", but it has not been expropriated for a long time. The more than 20 joint landowners feel helpless, and the land has been idle for a long time. , due to the continuous construction of the surrounding buildings, the originally flat open space has become a low-lying land, and due to lack of management, it has become a messy spot that causes headaches in the community.

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Gao Chuntao said that the residents of the community expect a green space to appear here. Therefore, the association took the idea of ​​"urban oasis" and won the funds from the public sector to build it. In 2019, the Metropolitan Development Bureau of the Gao City Government subsidized 800,000 yuan in four phases to build the park. Renovation, after the construction of the drainage system is completed in 2020, the low-lying land will be transformed into a large grassy turf.

Hong Zhentai, a sub-leader in Zhudong community, used recycled resources such as sub-lead, buckets, tires and flower pots to create installation art works such as windmills, sheep, locomotives, and rocking chair sports equipment, which enriched the park landscape and made the urban oasis a community resident. Take a break for exercise, take pictures and check in to new attractions.

Gao Chuntao said that after the completion of the urban oasis park, the grassland concert was held in the community, which really attracted a large number of pilgrims, and residents still talk about it. Award, the 2022 Urban Engineering Quality Gold Award and the 10th Taiwan Landscape Award.

The "Urban Oasis" Park in Zhudong Community, Luzhu District, Kaohsiung City was originally dirty and waterlogged, but has been transformed into a dazzling green art space by community volunteers.

(Photo by reporter Su Funan)

Hong Zhentai, a sub-lead expert in Zhudong Community, used recycled resources such as sub-lead, buckets, tires, and flower pots to create installation art works such as windmills, sheep, locomotives, and rocking chair sports equipment to enrich the landscape of the urban oasis park.

(Photo by reporter Su Funan)