Customs officers from TD Customs Ruse seized 198,800 pieces /9940 packs/ of cigarettes during an inspection of a truck with Bulgarian registration.

On March 18, 2023, the truck arrived at the Danube Bridge 2 - Vidin-Kalafat border crossing on the route out of the country.

The two drivers, Bulgarian citizens, have announced that they are transporting food products on the Bulgaria-Netherlands route.

Officers from the "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" department select the truck for customs inspection.

In the course of the control actions, the customs inspectors found among the goods declared in the bill of lading 9,940 packs of cigarettes of various commercial brands, a total of 198,800 pieces.

They seized about 200,000 boxes of contraband cigarettes in Sofia

The identified tobacco products have a valid Bulgarian excise label, but were transported in violation of the requirements of the Law on Excises and Tax Warehouses.

One of the truck drivers indicated that the cigarettes were his and was transporting them to the Netherlands for sale and profit.

The excise goods were detained and an act was drawn up on the case for the established administrative violation.