20 counties and cities have already applied for the commuter pass. Minister of Transport Wang Guocai said that the three major life circles in the north, central and south will be launched in July as the goal.

(Photo by reporter Zheng Weiqi)

[Reporter Zheng Weiqi/Taipei Report] The Executive Yuan’s plan to promote the use of public transportation will open in July this year. Minister of Transport Wang Guocai said in an interview with the media before the Legislative Yuan’s Transportation Committee that 20 of Taiwan’s 22 counties and cities have applied, and only Kinmen County , Lianjiang County has not applied for the monthly ticket plan.

Wang Guocai said that the three metropolitan areas of Beijitao, Zhongzhangtoumiao, and Nangaoping are relatively clear in the commuting monthly pass plan. In addition to the regional commuting monthly pass, there is also a public transportation monthly pass in the urban area.

Now Taiwan Railways and other ticket system revisions are all speeding up, and the principle is to open in July as the goal.

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Regarding the construction progress of commuter monthly passes, the Ministry of Communications pointed out that Beibei Jitao and Nangaoping have relevant experience and foundation in promoting monthly passes, and they have jointly carried out pre-operations with ticket companies, ticket inspection machine manufacturers, and transportation operators. It should be possible in July Monthly online implementation; other counties and cities have no basis for monthly ticket promotion, and must start pre-work such as integration with the public transport ticket system, which often takes a long time. The Ministry of Communications and the General Administration of Highways will actively assist and guide local planning.

The plan to promote public transportation is expected to be officially launched in July this year. At present, Beibei Jitao is expected to offer a monthly pass of 1,200 yuan, which can be used for MRT, buses, public bicycles, Taiwan Railways, and National Highway Passenger Transportation in the whole region; Various public transportation in the district, as well as a 399 monthly pass for public transportation in Kaohsiung City, can take urban buses, road passenger transportation, public bicycles, MRT, light rail, ferries and other transportation.

Zhongzhang Tou Miao plans to promote a monthly pass of 699 yuan for citizens in the area (999 yuan for non-citizens), which can take Taiwan Railway, MRT, bus, highway passenger transportation and public bicycles, and a monthly pass for citizens of Taichung City is 299 yuan (599 yuan for non-citizens). You can take public transportation in the urban area except Taiwan Railway.

In addition, Yilan County plans to introduce plans such as 1,800 yuan for intercity monthly tickets (national highway passenger transport to Shuangbei), and 1,250 yuan for intra-county passenger transport monthly tickets.