Onions from Liujiao Township.

(Photo by reporter Lin Yizhang)

[Reporter Lin Yizhang/Report from Chiayi] The Farmers Association of Liujiao Township, Chiayi County promotes farmers to plant diverse crops to reduce risks. In recent years, the "Golden No. 5" variety of onions has been planted in the area near Yongxian Village in Zhuzaijiao, because the local climate and soil quality are suitable for onions Growing and harvesting onions have a hard texture and a strong onion smell. They are well received, and the income is better than that of growing rice. It has become a new highlight of agriculture in Liujiao Township.

Chen Youhua, director-general of the Liujiao Township Farmers Association, said that the Zhuzaijiao area was originally mainly planted with burdock, but due to the long-term planting of specific crops on the farmland, the yield and quality declined. Considering that the local farmland has sandy soil and the climate is sunny, it is suitable for onion growth. About 5 years ago, the promotion of onion planting in the adjacent area began, and the current planting area is more than 30 hectares.

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Hou Shengtang, director of the Liujiao Township Farmers Association who grows onions, said that the onions are first raised and then planted. The growth period is about 6 months, and then they are harvested, leaf-cut and packaged. They are harvested once a year. About 6,000 kilograms of onions can be harvested, and the wholesale price is 13 yuan per kilogram, which is a good profit.

Hou Shengtang said that the onions planted here are heavy, hard, beautiful in color and strong in smell, which is not inferior to Hengchun, Pingtung County, a well-known onion producing area. At present, more than a dozen farmers in the neighboring areas are involved in planting.

Chen Yuhua said that the harder the onion is, the longer it can be stored. If it is too soft, it means that it has too much water and is easy to rot; onion has antioxidant effects and is good for health. All fit.

Chen Youhua (left), Director-General of the Liujiao Township Farmers Association, and Hou Shengtang (right), Director of the Farmers Association.

(Photo by reporter Lin Yizhang)