Tian Changpei, Director of the Construction Department of the Chiayi City Government, explained the plan to increase the shopping festival.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanyan)

[Reporter Wang Shanyan/Report from Chiayi] The Chiayi City Government has processed the first additional budget reduction proposal for this year’s general budget, with an additional 460 million yuan in annual expenditures, of which an additional 34 million yuan is planned for the Chiayi City Shopping Festival. Although the joint meeting of the review committees The review was passed, but City Councilor Wang Hao questioned that the event was not carefully planned in advance, and he added 7 times the original budget, and called on the city government not to let the additional budget become the norm; City Councilors Cai Wenxu and Sun Guanzhi believed that the awards given during the shopping festival should be pragmatic , to avoid advocating money worship, it is suggested that the lucky draw that was originally planned to give gold should be changed to electric cars and other prizes.

Wang Hao said that at the end of last year, the general budget for this year will be regularly reviewed. The Chiayi City Shopping Festival has allocated 4.4 million yuan. Only after more than three months, the city government has added 7 times the original budget. It is questioned that the event planning has not been carefully considered in advance. , and the reason for the addition is to cooperate with the general public distribution of 6,000 yuan. However, the shopping festival will be held at the end of this year, and the connection is weak.

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Cai Wenxu said in his speech that "the budget is floating", and advocated that the commission fee be reduced from 9 million yuan to 6 million yuan. He believes that the shopping festival is a good thing to stimulate consumption, but it should not give away gold and promote money worship, but should return to creating a friendly and high-quality shopping environment. , Improving the competitiveness of Chiayi City is the long-term solution.

Councilor Fu Dawei hopes that the Construction Department will explain how much economic benefits this year's shopping festival will achieve. Councilors Sun Guanzhi and Huang Minxiu also suggested that the gold be distributed to electric vehicles or other prizes to increase the number of prizes and increase the winning rate of the public. .

Tian Changpei, director of the construction department, said that the original budget for this year's shopping festival was 4.4 million yuan, and in conjunction with the central government's general distribution of 6,000 yuan in cash, he believed that the economic benefits of the shopping festival should be expanded and an additional 34 million yuan should be added. "The number of places and the number of prizes, especially the economic benefits brought by the shopping festivals of the previous year and last year, have grown. This year, the consumption amount is expected to exceed 650 million yuan, emphasizing that the budget will definitely be spent on the knife edge.

Chiayi City Councilor Wang Hao believes that the city government’s original budget for this year’s shopping festival was 4.4 million yuan last year, and an additional 34 million yuan was added after just over three months.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanyan)

Jiashi councilor Cai Wenxu thinks it is very attractive to give away hundreds of thousands of dollars during the shopping festival, and it is unrealistic to give away gold by lottery.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanyan)