Asia Pacific did not verify the user's identity. NCC fined Asia Pacific Telecom 4.5 million yuan today and required it to submit a correction report within one month.

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[Reporter Ding Yi/Taipei Report] All-round Enterprises applied to Asia Pacific Telecom for 155 phone numbers. Asia Pacific Telecom failed to implement user identity verification, resulting in 70 of the phone numbers being used by fraudulent groups to commit crimes. The National Communications and Communications Commission (NCC ) A total of 4.5 million yuan was fined for the 3 cases of Asia Pacific Telecom, and a correction report was required to be submitted within one month.

Weng Baizong, vice chairman of the National Communications Commission (NCC), said (22nd) that Asia Pacific Telecom operates the "Enterprise Convenience SMS Service", accepts the "Comprehensive Management Investment Consulting Enterprise Association" and "Starlink Media Co. Ltd."'s bid for the telecommunications portal 3 cases, including 1.5 million, 2.5 million, and 500,000 yuan, were fined 1.5 million, 2.5 million, and 500,000 yuan, and required to submit a correction report within one month. Among them, the comprehensive management investment consulting company applied to Asia Pacific for 155 door numbers, and there were 70 door numbers. The 165 anti-fraud hotline stopped and cut off calls.

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Weng Baizong pointed out that All-round Enterprise Club applied to Asia Pacific Telecom for 155 telecom numbers, of which 70 numbers were reported to the 165 anti-fraud hotline, and the call was suspended because it involved sending investment fraud text messages. All-round Enterprise Club explained to Asia Pacific, The phone number will be used by an unspecified third party, but Asia Pacific Telecom did not check the detailed information of the third party, so it issued a penalty.

NCC officials said that the account number of Quanquan Enterprise Club involved fraud of more than 100 million yuan, and Asia Pacific Telecom knew that these numbers were used by unspecified third parties, but did not implement double certificate checks on the actual number users. Therefore, this time a heavy fine of 2.5 million yuan was imposed; while the enterprise convenience SMS service and Starlink, a Hong Kong company, provided services without actually verifying the identity of users.

Weng Baizong said that when the Police Department asked Asia Pacific Telecom to provide information on June 20 last year in order to trace the source of the fraudulent text messages, it also notified the NCC; Taiwan Mobile and Taiwan Star were fined for fraudulent account numbers, but there was only one account number, and the fine was only 100,000 yuan.

Weng Baizong pointed out that NCC, as a member of the anti-fraud national team, will continue to prevent fraud, and will continue to supervise telecom operators to strengthen the review and management of corporate customers.

Asia Pacific Telecom said that it deeply regrets being sanctioned by the competent authority.

After receiving the formal letter of the sanction case, if the competent authority has any doubts about the facts of the case and the application of the law, an administrative lawsuit will be initiated.

Asia Pacific Telecom also emphasizes that for unscrupulous operators who apply for illegal and criminal activities, as soon as they know about it, they will stop the phone number of the company involved in the application for the illegal number and other application numbers, and cooperate with the investigation to freeze other Nearly 10 million yuan was paid to reduce the damage of victims.