The parents of a Class II student of a Tamil Nadu school have been arrested for allegedly beating up a teacher.

The parent attacked the teacher, allegedly accusing him of beating the child.

The teacher has denied the allegations.

The incident took place in a government-aided school in Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu.

The teacher has been identified as R Bharat.

In a three-minute video, the couple is seen barging into the classroom and arguing with the teacher for allegedly beating their child.

Mother Selvi says that it is illegal to beat a child.

Selvi says, "It is illegal to beat a child. Who gave you the right? I will beat you with my slippers."

Other children in the class watch and in front of the student's father Shivalingam chases the teacher around the class and then beats him up.

He even tries to throw a small object like a brick or a stone at the teacher.

The panicked teacher is heard screaming for help as the student's parents thrash him.

The police have also arrested the couple and the child's grandfather Munusamy.

Superintendent of Police Dr L Balaji Saravanan said, "We have booked them for assault, criminal intimidation, conspiracy and preventing a public servant from performing his duty."

Police say that the matter is being investigated.