After the International Criminal Court in The Hague issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin, the so-called "Kremlin towers" are actively looking for a replacement for the dictator.

This was stated by the representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine Andriy Yusov, FREEDOM informs.

External manifestations of the "successor" operation

"And that is why we also see signs of public quarrels, in particular up to profanity, when Prigozhin's last words called Shoigu and other Russian military leaders names.

And the warlords, who often fought back, and Girkin, who allowed himself to directly criticize and call the so-called king his last words.

These are external manifestations," he said.

Internal manifestations

According to intelligence information, many representatives of Russian business and pro-government elites are trying to contact "third parties" in order to guarantee their safety after the overthrow and change of regime in Russia.

"And they understand that this is inevitable. In geopolitical terms, Russia has lost and weakened, and will never again claim the role of a superpower, a superpower. And in particular, this is perfectly understood everywhere - both in the West and in the East. And even, of course, in China, which also gets its profit from Russia, which is weakening. That's why everyone understands it. And such contacts have been taking place quite actively lately," says Yusov.

"Casting" for the role of Putin

According to him, "casting" for the role of leader after Putin is already underway in the Russian Federation.

"This casting does not come directly from Putin. In particular, after the issuance of an arrest warrant, they are actively looking for a replacement, but a compromise one that could still preserve both property and freedom for the current representatives of the regime. I think that it will not work out that way in the end." , he concluded.

Who will be Putin's successor?

Earlier, the Russian opposition political scientist Abbas Gallyamov said that the Kremlin elites are frantically looking for options for who to choose as Putin's successor.

Former employee of the British military intelligence Philip Ingram suggested that Putin's successor will be the owner of PVK "Wagner" Evgeny Prigozhin.

Instead, the head of the independent international intelligence community Bellingcat Hristo Grozev said that at first the Kremlin elites considered the candidacy of the current Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mykhailo Mishustin.

However, it is possible that oppositionist Navalny may become the new head of Russia.

Political analyst Valery Solovei stated that Putin had previously intended to transfer power to the son of the head of the Security Council, Mykola Patrushev, Dmytro, who currently holds the position of Minister of Agriculture

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