This is reported by the office of the head of the Canadian government.

It is needed to strengthen trade ties, create good jobs, grow the middle class and promote economic growth focused on the well-being of everyone on both sides of the border.

The two leaders will also continue to intensify cooperation in the areas of defense and security, climate action and immigration.

They will emphasize the importance of our mutually beneficial economic relationship to strengthen competitiveness and create sustainable supply chains.

They will also discuss progress on the US-Canada Roadmap for a Renewed Partnership, announced in February 2021, to advance bilateral cooperation on shared priorities, including ambitious climate action and the creation of countries where no one is left behind.

Both countries must coordinate their efforts if they are to protect the people of North America from new and emerging threats.

During the visit, the Prime Minister and President will highlight ongoing cooperation in continental defense, including the key role that NORAD plays in the defense of North America.

They will also develop cooperation in the Arctic.

In addition, Prime Minister Trudeau and President Biden will continue to work together on global issues of mutual concern, including continuing unwavering support for Ukraine as it defends itself against Russia's aggressive war, and offering solutions to the war's broader global consequences, such as food and energy security.

"Furthermore, the leaders will reaffirm their commitment to advancing the shared priorities of countries in the Indo-Pacific region, including national security, economic prosperity, respect for international law and human rights, democratic values, public health and environmental protection," the statement said. .

Canada and the United States are strong partners in the defense of democracy, human rights and respect for the rule of law, and we will always work together to uphold these shared values ​​in our countries and beyond.

We will remind that 

Canada banned the import of Russian steel and aluminum

Canada also 

saved Ukraine in the first few days of a full-scale war

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