In the first reading, the Diet of Lithuania adopted a bill on the introduction of restrictive measures in response to Russia's military aggression in Ukraine.

113 deputies voted for it, nine abstained, reports the BNS agency.

The original text of the proposed law can be seen here.

Will Lithuania no longer issue visas to Belarusians?


If the bill is approved, Lithuania will stop issuing visas to Belarusians and Russians both on the territory of Lithuania and in foreign embassies.

The exception will be only if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania acts as an intermediary in issuing visas.

Currently, it is also almost impossible for Belarusians in Belarus to obtain a Schengen visa from Lithuania without the mediation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What will happen with the issuance of temporary residence permits?

The acceptance of applications for a temporary residence permit for citizens of Belarus and Russia will also be stopped if the bill is approved.

An exception will be made only for those who already have either a Schengen or a national visa, or a temporary residence permit in Lithuania.

That is, those who have a visa or those who have already received a temporary residence permit will be able to submit documents for a temporary residence permit.

Will Belarusians with visas, as before, be able to come to Lithuania?


The bill does not provide for any additional forms of control for Belarusians at the border with Lithuania, if they already have a visa.

However, such forms of control exist for Russian citizens.

For the purposes of Lithuania's security, the law provides for individual additional checks of Russian citizens arriving in Lithuania at the border.

This check will not apply to citizens of Russia who:

  • Have a residence permit of Lithuania or another EU country

  • Have a long-term national visa of any EU country

  • They are transiting to the Kaliningrad region of Russia

  • They are part of the family of a citizen of the European Union

  • They are employees of a company engaged in international transportation. They are going to Lithuania for humanitarian reasons

  • They are refugees according to the Vienna Convention.

What difficulties will be faced by Belarusians who already have a residence permit?

If the bill is approved, applications for e-resident status from Belarusians and Russians will be stopped.

This is an electronic signature of smart ID, which allows you to use the services of banks, provides access to the payment of utility services and a number of other electronic services.

In the draft law, there is an unclear clause regarding already effective e-resident statuses, if a person already has a Smart ID.

It looks like it will run until its expiration date.

Will Belarusians be banned from buying real estate in Lithuania?


There is no such clause in the bill.

The ban on purchasing real estate applies only to citizens of Russia, with the exception of those who already have a temporary residence permit.

What will change after receiving Lithuanian citizenship?

Citizens of Belarus and Russia will not be able to submit documents for Lithuanian citizenship if this bill is approved.

It will be possible to apply only for withdrawal from Lithuanian citizenship. The law, if adopted, will be valid for one year.

It is not known when the Diet will consider the bill in the second reading.

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