The universal cash is shared by all, and the registration is open on the first day today. The Nanshi District Office and the Household Registration Office have set up special counters to assist the public in registering, so as to avoid being cheated safely.

(Photo by reporter Hong Ruiqin)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] The universal cash is shared by the whole people. Today (22) the first day of online registration is open, and fraudulent websites are also around the corner. The 37 district offices and household registration offices in Nanshi City have set up special counters to assist the public. Registration, a total of 319 registrations were assisted, and 1083 consultations were made. We hope that the public can register with peace of mind and avoid being cheated. 6,000 yuan can be easily credited to the account and share the government's economic achievements.

Since 5 days before the opening of registration, the registration is based on the last number of the ID card and residence permit, and there is no limit to the last number from March 27.

Some people came to the district office or the household registration office to request registration but failed. The dedicated service strengthened publicity and could only provide consultation.

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Jiang Linhuang, director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Nanshi, said that Nanshi has set up special counters in various district offices and household registration offices. They work from Monday to Friday, and some households also have work services on Saturday mornings. In addition to providing correct information, they can deter those who want to Fraud through general distribution of cash can help people who are not good at using 3C on the Internet, so that the government can easily and automatically credit the general distribution of 6,000 yuan.

Mayor Huang Weizhe reminded that people can prepare their ID cards, health insurance cards, and financial passbooks to register online according to the date of distribution at the end of their certificates, or go to the single-window special counters of the 37 district offices and household registration offices during working hours. The personnel assisted in the online registration, which allowed 6,000 yuan to be easily pocketed in a safe, secure and convenient way.

The Civil Affairs Bureau called for a reminder that the correct official website address of the general cash registration website is "" (6000 is the number 0, not the English letter o; the end of the special website for government agencies is ""; gov There must be "." in front, no other English or numbers will be added, and there will be no (com) at the end, and the government will not send SMS or email notifications to receive money or log in, and will not call ATM or online banking to operate For transfers, the public must be vigilant and do not be fooled. If you have any questions, you can call the general cash hotline 1988, the citizen hotline 1999, or the district offices and household offices for consultation.