The Anping Fishing Port Zhanqiao Wharf has been replaced with new sunshade facilities, combined with a solar photovoltaic system, becoming the first "solar photovoltaic wharf" in Taiwan that also generates electricity.

(Provided by Nanshi Agricultural Bureau)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] Anping Fishing Port has rectified its mooring environment, carried out a new project for trestle docks, and installed sunshade facilities for moored ships. Combined with solar photovoltaic systems, it has strengthened the design to resist strong winds and salt damage, and has become the first "solar" in Taiwan that also generates electricity. Photoelectric Pier".

Li Jianyu, director of Nanshi Agriculture Bureau, said that this is the first sunshade device built directly on the wharf in Taiwan and combined with a solar photovoltaic system. Factors, material selection and structural strength calculations all adopt the highest specification (17-level gust), and also take into account factors such as high tide, typhoon and heavy rain. The electric panel structure is implanted into the seabed through marine engineering to improve the safety of the system.

In addition, the main structure adopts 500mm high-strength PC concrete piles, which are constructed at a height of 3 meters above sea level and penetrated into the seabed at a depth of 12 meters to ensure the safety of the ship and the service life of the steel structure.

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Zhou Yuchao, director of the Nanshi Fishing Port Management Office, said that the total capacity of the solar photovoltaic system at the Zhanqiao Wharf is 1316.1 kilowatts. During the construction period, Anping Fishing and Raft Association assisted in communication and coordination. A good example of public-private collaboration with local fishermen and communities to jointly create new highlights in the port area.

Mayor Huang Weizhe said that the Anping Fishing Port Zhanqiao Wharf is located near the Jinchengli Activity Center, surrounded by many famous tourist attractions, including Anping Old Street, Lin Moniang Park and Fisherman’s Wharf, which attract a large number of tourists. About 280 fishing boats are moored at the wharf. The original sunshade net The new sunshade facilities can not only provide a comfortable mooring environment for fishing boats, but also combine solar photovoltaic systems to increase market revenue.

The trestle pier of Anping Fishing Port becomes more beautiful at night, and it is one of the check-in spots for night view in Tainan.

(Provided by Nanshi Agricultural Bureau)

The Agricultural Bureau of Nanshi announced today the results of improving the mooring environment of Anping Fishing Port trestle wharf combined with solar photovoltaic systems.

(Provided by Nanshi Agricultural Bureau)