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A man from the village of Tarnava, Vratsa, was taken into custody by the police, who tried twice unsuccessfully to set fire to a fruit and vegetable shop in the village.

The arsonist carried out the first attack on Monday night.

The 44-year-old man poured a bottle of kerosene and scratched the stick.

The fire flared up, but was quickly extinguished and did not cause any damage to the store.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the desperate arsonist tried again to set fire to the store, this time pouring an entire canister of kerosene into sacks of seeds stored outside.

This time, however, the fire quickly subsided and caused only minor damage.

When the owners opened the store and noticed the traces of the fire attacks, they immediately reported to the police, from where they started an investigation.

They arrested a recidivist who set his neighbor's house on fire

The cops quickly got to the unsuccessful arsonist, who turned out to be the local drunk Vesco G., known in the village by his nickname Pishleto.

He lived in miserable conditions in a house right across from the attacked shop.

After his next binge, he decided to punish the owners of the greengrocer's because they wouldn't let him go shopping there.