The 9026 passenger transport from Keelung Dawulun to Nangang is still seriously off-duty, and the operator has been fined more than 2 million yuan by the Highway Administration.

(File photo, photo by reporter Lu Hyun-soo)

[Reporter Lu Xianxiu/Report from Keelung] The 9026 passenger transport from Keelung Dawulun to Nangang has not improved in recent days, and it often misses shifts. It has been issued 26 fines by the Taipei City Supervision Office of the General Administration of Highways, and other passenger transport operators have been asked for support.

In the morning part, the Keelung city bus will run a free bus from class 2 Chang Geng Keelung Hospital to Badu Station starting tomorrow morning (23rd), allowing commuters to transfer to trains to Nangang.

After the new operator of 9026 Passenger Transport took over on January 20 this year, there have been serious problems such as off-duty and off-duty, causing commuters to complain, and the waiting time is too long. Mayor Xie Guoliang instructed the bus office to start trial operation from March 23 The bus route from Anle District directly to Badu Station allows people to take Taiwan Railway No. 109 at Badu Station to go directly to Nangang Station or Taipei Station, shortening the commuting time of residents in Anle District.

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According to the Department of Transportation, there are 2 direct buses from Anle District to Badu Station. They depart from the station of Chang Gung Hospital at 7:10 am and 7:20 am on weekdays and go directly to Badu Station. The estimated arrival time at Badu Station is respectively At 7:25 and 7:35 (there may be a slight error depending on the road conditions), the public can directly transfer to Taiwan Railway No. 109 Ziqiang (departure from Badu at 7:43, and arrive at Nangang Station at 8:00 sharp), from Chang Gung Hospital Station It only takes 40 to 50 minutes to get to Nangang Station and it is stable and reliable.

At present, the trial operation will last until the end of March, and the ride will be "free" during the trial period.

Please wait for the bus at Chang Gung Hospital Bus Station National Highway Passenger Station area. There is a notice in front of the bus that goes directly to Badu Station.

In the future, the city government will continue to observe the effectiveness of the pilot program and carry out rolling reviews.

The Keelung City Bus Office will open two free buses from Keelung Changgeng to Badu Station tomorrow (23rd) morning to transport commuters to Nangang or Taipei by train.

(Photo by reporter Lu Xianxiu)