6,000 yuan will be issued to all citizens, and online registration will be opened today. In the afternoon, the Yunlin County Government will set up special counters in 20 household registration offices throughout the county to assist the public in registration.

(Provided by Yunlin County Government)

[Reporter Huang Shuli/Yunlin Report] The 6,000 yuan general distribution for all people will be open to online registration from today. In order to assist people who do not know how to use 3C devices to register, the Yunlin County Government has set up dedicated counters in 20 household registration offices in the county this afternoon. There is a dedicated person to assist the public to register online, and services will also be available this Saturday (25th) and Sunday (26th).

The Civil Affairs Office of the county government pointed out that the Ministry of Finance planned a total of 5 channels for general cash distribution, including "registration and entry", "ATM cash collection", "post office counter cash collection", "direct deposit" and "book distribution". "Direct entry" is applicable to specific groups such as labor insurance annuity, national annuity, old farmer's allowance, labor retirement, disability allowance, low- and middle-income elderly allowance, etc. No registration is required, and it will be directly recorded.

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The registration and entry part is open to online registration for the public today to avoid traffic jams on the website. In the first 5 days, the registration will be divided by the last number of the ID card and residence permit. 4, 5, 25, 6, 7, 26, 8, 9, after March 27, there is no limit on the mantissa.

The Civil Affairs Office said that when the public goes to the service counter of the household registration office to ask for assistance in registration, please pay attention to the registration schedule of the ending digits of the ID card number to avoid running in vain. Also remember to bring your ID card (residence card), health insurance card and financial institution account number (passbook) , people under the age of 13 can be picked up by one of their parents or legal guardians.

Zhang Lishan, Mayor of Yunlin County, also reminded the public to pay attention to the fact that fraudulent groups have registered counterfeit websites in an attempt to lure the public. Be sure to check the website before clicking on it. The correct official website of Pufajin is https://6000.gov.tw. Do not click links from unknown sources.