The nationwide general distribution of 6,000 yuan has begun to handle online registration. The Nanshi Social Bureau will open 16 convenience service windows from now on, and social workers will assist in registration and provide consultation.

(Photo by reporter Cai Wenju)

[Reporter Cai Wenju/Tainan Report] The 6,000 yuan registration for the general distribution of all citizens will start online registration at 8:00 am today (22nd). Considering that some disadvantaged people have a need for general distribution information, the Nanshi Social Bureau will start from today. The social welfare centers and social bureau service counters in the city have set up 16 convenience service windows, where social workers assist in online registration and provide related consulting services.

Lu Yucong, Director of the Social Bureau of Nanshi City, said that in order to ensure that the disadvantaged people can successfully register for the general distribution of 6,000 yuan in cash, the Social Bureau will start today in Xinying, Beimen, Madou, Shanhua, Yujing, Xinfeng, Yongkang, Eastern District, Southern District, There are 12 social welfare centers in North District, Annan District and Anping District, 2 social bureau service desks in Yonghua and Minzhi, the 1st floor of Anping Social Welfare Building, and the 1st floor of Building A, Barrier-free Welfare Home in East District. At the window, social workers and volunteers assist vulnerable people to register and consult, so that vulnerable people can enjoy safe and convenient registration services.

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Lu Yucong said that these 16 windows will also become new convenient service windows in addition to the district offices and household registration offices in Nanshi. The service windows can be found on the website of the Social Affairs Bureau, Facebook, or contact citizens. Service Center 1999 Inquiry.

Lu Yucong said that considering that some disadvantaged families may be affected by the lack of information that may affect their claim rights, the front-line social workers will also take the initiative to understand the registration situation or provide relevant application information when performing care for the disadvantaged, so that each citizen's 6,000 Yuan can be put in the bag with peace of mind.

If the public has mobility problems or needs assistance under special circumstances, please call the 1999 Citizen Service Hotline, and the Social Affairs Bureau will send staff to care and assist according to individual needs.