The Hsinchu City Government responded to the "Turn off the lights for one hour" action on March 25, and invited enterprises, organizations and organizations to participate.

(provided by the city)

[Reporter Hong Meixiu/Hsinchu Report] In response to the "Earth Hour" global energy conservation and carbon reduction initiative promoted by the World Wildlife Fund WWF, the Hsinchu City Hall will hold a , Hsinchu Railway Station and other places under the jurisdiction of the public sector, the activities of turning off the lights and loving the earth are held, inviting enterprises, stores, and citizens to simultaneously turn off indoor lights or building decoration lights for one hour, responding to energy saving and carbon reduction and loving the earth.

The Environmental Protection Agency stated that global warming is getting worse. By turning off the lights for 60 minutes, energy conservation and environmental protection are no longer just slogans. Everyone can do something for the earth. Parents can develop the habit of turning off lights in children from an early age. , to implement "Save the Earth, Start Small".

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, according to the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, every time a fluorescent lamp is turned off for 1 hour (take the fluorescent lamp 20w*4 as an example), the electricity consumption can be reduced by 0.08 kwh. Calculated according to the population of Hsinchu City, if each citizen If you can respond to turning off the lights for one hour, you can reduce electricity consumption by about 36,250 kwh on the night of March 25. I hope that citizens will take actions to support energy conservation and protect the earth's environment.