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At the request of the District Prosecutor's Office - Dobrich, the court determined the most severe remand measure "detention in custody" for the 30-year-old Y.D.

The man was charged with causing moderate bodily harm to an acquaintance.

On March 18, 2023, the accused met an acquaintance on Boycho Ognyanov Street in the city of Dobrich.

He punched him in the face, and after the victim fell to the ground, he kicked him.

There was a reaction from witnesses nearby, and 30-year-old Y.D.


The injured man was immediately taken to a hospital, where he had to be operated on.

There is a real danger to the life of the man (43 years old), as he has suffered severe brain injuries.

In the course of the investigation, data was gathered that the two men had conflicts before.


was brought to criminal liability and with a view to bringing him before the court for the determination of a remand measure, his arrest was extended to 72 hours with a view to bringing him to the court for the determination of a remand measure.

The military appellate court left the corporal who was transporting migrants in custody

The decision of the District Court - Dobrich is subject to appeal before the District Court in the city.



District Prosecutor's Office - Dobrich