Bicycles parked on the campus of Tianzhong High School in Changhua were recently reported to have been smeared with human excrement.

(Photo by reporter Chen Guanbei)

[Reporter Chen Guanbei/Changhua Report] When the students of Tianzhong High School in Changhua County came home from school last week, they found that many bicycle seat cushions had been smeared with feces. The students were so angry that they shouted "disgusting". Wall broke into, the school found his whereabouts sneaky, and quickly called the police.

According to the police investigation, Xie Nan rubbed his anus against the victim's bicycle at the Shetouhuo train station five years ago, leaving excrement behind.

This newspaper received complaints from the parents of Tanaka High School that the "poop monster" broke into the campus recently and suspected that excrement was smeared on the seat cushions of bicycles. At least 3 bicycles were smeared. The students felt nauseous and scared to ride. I am also worried that weird people will break into the campus, and similar situations may happen again, so I have to check carefully before riding.

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Zhang Shunv, the principal of Tanaka High School, said that the incident happened last week. Some students stayed in the activity center for training until night. When they were about to leave with their bicycles, they found that the seat cushion was smeared with foreign objects and smelled bad. It should be human excrement , Immediately checked the monitor and found a man broke into the parking lot; at around 6 o'clock yesterday evening, the school teacher found that the man surnamed Xie broke in from the wall of the parking lot. Later, the police found out that Xie Nan was the same person who committed the "defecating" case at Shetou Railway Station many years ago.

"Heave a sigh of relief!" Ms. Zhang said that some students were worried after the incident, but after checking the electronic fence was normal, but there was a gap where Mr. Xie climbed over the wall. The school has strengthened the infrared sensor to prevent Mr. Xie from trespassing on the campus. The relevant surveillance images were handed over to the police to avoid similar incidents from happening again.

According to the police, Xie Nan (38 years old) confessed to the crime, and after the interrogation, he will be prosecuted for violating the social order maintenance law.

Tanaka High School students were smeared with excrement on their bicycle seat cushions, and the students shouted "disgusting" angrily.

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The seat cushions of student bicycles were smeared with human excrement, which made the students feel sick and scared to ride.

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The school inspected the surveillance cameras and found that it was the same person who committed the "defecating" case at Shetou Railway Station five years ago.

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