President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, commenting on the attack by kamikaze drones of the army of the Russian Federation, emphasized that the Kremlin does not seek peace.

That is why it is necessary to increase global pressure on Moscow.

The head of state wrote about this in his Twitter account.

"More than 20 Iranian killer drones, as well as missiles, numerous shellings. And this is only for one past night of Russian terror against Ukraine. Every time someone tries to hear the word "peace" in Moscow, another order is given for such criminal strikes." - says Zelensky's post.

The President emphasized that the success of the Armed Forces "really brings peace on earth and in heaven."

Meanwhile, pressure on Russia, in particular, sanctions, says the head of state, will help restore stability.

"Full compliance with the sanctions regime against Russia really restores the strength of the UN Charter. Global unity is capable of restoring global stability," the Ukrainian leader concluded.

Night drone attack

Closer to midnight, 

an air alert began to be announced in the cities of Ukraine, 

there was a warning of a Shahed attack.

According to the General Staff, air defense forces destroyed 16 out of 21 launched drones. 

In the Kyiv region, 

the Russian army damaged a civilian object.

A fire broke out at the point of impact, which was already extinguished by rescuers.

Three people died, seven were injured. 

The Russian army also

attacked the Zhytomyr region with drones.

As a result of the impact, the infrastructure object was damaged.

Air defense forces managed to shoot down three drones.

the sounds of explosions are also heard in Khmelnytskyi.

The OVA reported that

no hits and "arrivals" were recorded on the territory of the community


The work of the air defense forces was effective.