The President of the Russian Federation said that he had read the Chinese "peace plan" for Ukraine and was ready to discuss it. 

Ivan Stupak, military expert of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future  , told in an exclusive interview


what Putin and Xi Jinping could achieve during the closed negotiations .

"We do not know for sure what was discussed in the Kremlin.

During the formal part, Putin clung to the chair, as if trying to "ground himself".

This is in stark contrast to how he behaved in Mariupol.

I imagine the informal part of the conversation like this: as if it were New Year, Xi Jinping as Santa Claus comes to Putin, and he, like a child, is curious about what is there.

The message is as follows: get up, baby, on a chair and recite a poem.

If you say the poem badly, you won't get a gift.

Translating this analogy to the meeting itself, I think that Xi came to listen to Putin and his entourage, what is generally happening on the front line.

Yes, he has information from his intelligence, but it is important to hear directly from one of the parties what is happening," Ivan Stupak said. 

He also added that Führer Putin told Xi Jinping about the prospects, how long it will take, how they are progressing there.

The Chinese leader compares this information with his data and compares it for himself in order to make a complete picture of the universe now in a specific part of this world. 

"Xi wanted to know how much more Putin plans to wage this war, what China can potentially gain from cooperation with the Russian Federation, because the Chinese leader understands that Russia is now very dependent on China's political position.

That is, Russia was not ready for war.

China's good relations with Russia can play a positive role.

I see the next cooperation, which is summed up in two words - pro-Russian neutrality.

That is, China will not provide the military assistance expected by Russia in the form of aviation, artillery systems, and salvo fire systems.

And here, perhaps, they will transmit satellite images of the territory of Ukraine, but not from the government, but from private companies.

And the government will throw up its hands, because they seem to be of no use here.

Therefore, it is possible that the government will help Russia through private companies," the military expert emphasized.

We will remind that China will not make an open decision regarding the supply of weapons to the Russian Federation.

Such documents are classified as top secret.

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