Hong Duchang (the man in blue) who was once the guard of the two Jiangs was involved in the fraud of Zhaofeng Bank's counterfeit dollar bills.

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[Reporter Wu Zhengfeng/Taipei Report] In 2016, Mega Bank was exchanged for real NT dollars with counterfeit US dollars. After investigation by the prosecutor, it was found that the crime was committed by a syndicate. In the case of a securities crime prosecution, the High Court considered that all 15 defendants had reconciled with Zhaofeng and admitted to committing the crime.

The judgment pointed out that after Zhang Dongjing, who was doing business in China, obtained the counterfeit US dollar bills, on January 7, 2016, through Qian Xianzong, Chen Yihong, Hong Duchang, Zhou Guirong and others, he delivered 486 counterfeit hundred-dollar banknotes to Xu Yuancheng. And on February 1, 2016, through Qian Xianzong, Chen Yihong, Hong Duchang, Li Jianliang, Lu Wangming and others, 510 counterfeit banknotes were handed over to Xu Yuancheng.

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On February 3, 2016, Zhang Dongjing handed over 494 counterfeit banknotes to Xie Shangheng through Qian Xianzong, Chen Yihong, Hong Duchang, Zhou Guirong and others, and Xie Shangheng handed over to Zhang Aili according to Wu Junxian's instructions.

Zhang Aili took the counterfeit banknotes to the Dunhua branch of Mega Bank on the day she got them or the next day, causing the unknowing staff to fall into a mistake and agreeing to deposit them into the foreign currency account of Lend Lease Company to convert them into NT dollars, which will be divided among Zhang Dongjing and others For flowers.

Pan Liangnan, Xu Qiren and Li Jiheng (deceased) delivered 3,000 counterfeit banknotes and 20,000 counterfeit banknotes to Xu Yuancheng and Zhang Aili on February 17, 2016 and February 22 of the same year, respectively, through Chen Yicheng, Zhang Ruineng, Guo Zhaozheng and others. On the same day, Zhang Aili took her to the Dunhua branch of Mega Bank, blackmailed the bank staff by the same method, and exchanged it into NT dollars for spending.

The High Court pointed out that Wu Junxian and others all confessed their crimes during the trial of the High Court. Considering that they were greedy for monetary benefits, it is foreseeable that the US dollar bills they obtained are counterfeit, and they are still exercising exchange, which encourages the crime of counterfeiting foreign currencies and the circulation of counterfeit banknotes. Chaos in the order of social transactions, the domestic and foreign US dollar currency circulation system, and the number of counterfeit banknotes are not small, causing damage to Mega Bank.

However, the High Court was able to admit the crime after Wu Junxian and others committed the crime, and reached a criminal suspension agreement with Zhaofeng Bank. Some of them were fully fulfilled, and some were performed on schedule according to the agreement; Qian Xianzong, Hong Duchang, Chen Yihong, Zhou Guirong, Li Jianliang, Lu Wangming The circumstances of the crime are relatively minor, and they all have the feeling of "sympathy and forgiveness", and the punishment is reduced according to the provisions of Article 59 of the Criminal Law.

Considering the severity of the crime involved, the division of roles, the amount of counterfeit US dollar bills used each time, and the opinion of Mega Bank, the High Court sentenced 15 defendants to imprisonment ranging from 6 months to 2 years, with probation ranging from 2 to 5 years.


The members of the collegial panel in this case are the presiding judge Qiu Zishan, the accompanying judge Qiu Qiongying, and the appointed judge Liu Zhaoju.