Former battalion commander of the 46th separate airmobile brigade, Anatoliy Kozel "Kupol", commented on his scandalous interview with The Washington Post, after which he was transferred to another position.

He wrote about it on Facebook.

"An outright lie is not so terrible as a half-truth. Especially, a well-composed one. It's like your words and thoughts. But they are so conflated that the context is a little strange. Something similar happened to me," said the soldier.

According to "Kupola", what got into the article is only a part of what he said during the interview.

And it contains a completely different meaning than what he wanted to convey to people.

He assured that he did not want to "tramp the Ukrainian army in the mud."

On the contrary, he has a desire "to change it for the better, to improve it in order to bring our victory closer as quickly and efficiently as possible."

"Kupol" admitted that he allowed himself excessive emotions during the interview, because at that time there were very difficult battles.

He emphasized that he expressed his own opinion, and not the official position of the leadership of the Airborne Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"However, I am currently communicating with him. There is a constructive dialogue and an understanding of what needs to be changed so that there are fewer losses and more successes.

And finally.

Do not look for betrayal where there is none.

Do not manipulate my emotions and statements taken out of context.

Because if we, Ukrainians, are at odds with each other, we will become weaker and more vulnerable to the occupiers.

Do we want that?", concluded the soldier.

Photo: Photo from social networks

It will be recalled that the American publication The Washington Post published an article about the loss of experienced soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In particular, it was said that Ukraine lost up to 120,000 soldiers killed and wounded in the war.

Combatant Anatoliy "Kupolom" confirmed to journalists that the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered heavy losses among experienced soldiers. 

After that, the battalion commander of the 46th separate airmobile brigade was demoted.

The State Security Service confirmed the transfer of the soldier to another position and emphasized that he did not have permission to communicate with the press.

Serhii Rakhmanin, a member of the Verkhovna Rada's Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, said in an interview with Radio NV that "Kupol" violated the order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny with his WP interview. collected all the details of the scandalous incident.

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