Chinese President Xi Jinping greets Russian President Vladimir Putin

They called each other "best friends" after arriving in Moscow on Monday.

Prepare to have a formal talk on Tuesday.

Foreign news agencies reported that President Xi Jinping of China

arrival in moscow

then the capital of Russia

On Monday, March 20, 2023, he began a three-day visit to seek ways to improve economic relations with allied nations that he said could help balance power with the West.

and push for China's role as a mediator to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.

Xi Jinping is the first country leader to visit Russia and meet Vladimir Putin since the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for the man on Friday.

Charged with war crimes in Ukraine

The Russians have pointed to this as evidence that they still have strong allies in the face of Western hostility.

The two leaders met in the Kremlin on Monday afternoon.

Ready to greet and call each other "best friends", followed by dinner.

Before official talks between the pair started on Tuesday.

During this meeting, Putin said:

He regarded China's proposals for resolving the conflict with Ukraine respectfully, stressing that Russia was always open to negotiations.

“We will definitely discuss all these issues.

including your initiatives that we treat with respect.”

Putin also admitted that

a little envious of china

that has developed rapidly over the past few decades

“China has built a very efficient system.

for economic development and state strength

more efficient than any other country.”

Xi Jinping told Putin that

He believes the Russian leader will have the support of the people.

Before the next presidential election, which is scheduled for next year.

He also thanked Putin for saying he would support China.

and that Beijing has closer ties with Moscow.

For Xi Jinping, the visit to Russia marked a significant diplomatic role.

Previously, China proposed a 12-point peace plan for Ukraine to resolve the conflict.

while also trying to strengthen relations with Russia

While denying accusations from Western nations that they were planning to sell arms to Russia.

The Beijing government has said it wants to strengthen energy ties with Russia.

With increasing imports of coal, natural gas and oil from Russia.

which is what Western nations try to exclude from the world market

to put pressure on Moscow due to the Ukrainian war

before Mr. Xi arrived in Moscow

Russia's Gazette newspaper and RIA Novosti news website published an article signed by Chinese President Xi Jinping titled "Moving Forward to Open a New Chapter of Friendship, Cooperation and Joint Development." between China and Russia"

In part of the article, Xi said the two countries would continue to strengthen political trust.

Create a new relationship paradigm.

between the great powers.

Source: Reuters