Xie Guoliang emphasized that as long as he helps young people, he also blesses Cai to adapt.

(Photo by reporter Lu Xianxiu)

[Reporter Keelung/Keelung Report] Former Keelung Mayor and Minister of the Interior Lin Youchang pointed out in an interview today that Cai Shiyi felt that he was the most evaluated legislator of the Gongdu League, but lost to Gogoro and 10,000 in the Keelung mayor election. Yuan's "like buying tickets" policies such as epidemic prevention and infection funds made him a little discouraged.

Xie Guoliang, the mayor of Keelung, said that the Gogoro policy is just to help young people and get some care from the government when they are employed. He believes that there are many cases of Tsai adapting to take a break temporarily, squatting first and then jumping in the political arena in the future. He wishes Cai adapt and hopes to cooperate Keep working hard and do more for the country and Keelung.

The Democratic Progressive Party is in the process of nominating primary elections for legislative members. Legislator Cai Shiyi suddenly announced that he would not run for the 2024 legislative election, and would devote himself to the 2024 presidential secondary election, correcting his doctoral dissertation. Because there was no warning, Keelung politicians were surprised.

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In an interview at the Legislative Yuan today, Lin Youchang said that there are still many people in the local area who persuade them to join, and they all believe that through the election of the legislators, they can prove their innocence and let the citizens of Keelung understand what the past two legislators have done for the local area.

Lin Youchang also had an in-depth discussion with Cai Shiyi. Cai believed that he was the first legislator evaluated by the Public Governors League, but he lost to Gogoro and the 10,000 yuan epidemic prevention fund in the mayor election of Keelung. The policy made him a little discouraged.

Xie Guoliang said in an interview today that as long as the Gogoro policy is to help young people get some care from the government when they are employed, and give more care to people with disabilities, young people will look at different corners of this society and understand that they are the happiest.

He thinks that Cai Shiyi is a priority, and he regrets not running for the election. He hopes to cooperate with the city government to do more things. During his tenure as a legislator, he also actively cooperated with Lin Youchang to win many cases; Jumping back, the future will shine brightly, and there are many cases in the political arena. I also bless him and hope that he will continue to work hard and do more for the country and Keelung City.

Cai Adapt suddenly announced that he would not run for re-election as a legislator in 2024.

(Photo by reporter Lu Xianxiu)