Ms. Li was beaten in a quarrel with her boyfriend. She stabbed her boyfriend 15.5 centimeters into his abdomen with a knife and called the police. The boyfriend was sent to the hospital but died. The first and second trials found that the woman did not comply with the surrender requirement, and both sentenced her to 13 years in prison. Surrender to commutation provisions, now commuted to 11 years in prison.


(Photo by reporter Yang Guowen)

[Reporter Yang Guowen/Taipei Report] A woman surnamed Li in Taoyuan City had a quarrel with her boyfriend Zhang Nan who lived with her surname Zhang two years ago. At 15.5 cm, Li saw Zhang man fell to the ground and hit him on the head with a wine bottle. Zhang was seriously injured and unresponsive, so she called the police. Both the first and second trials found that Li did not meet the voluntary surrender regulations and was sentenced to 13 years in prison. , After the Supreme Court revoked the remand, the High Court further held that in the first instance, Li Nu called the 119 hotline to report the case for help, and confessed to stabbing Zhang Nan with a knife. Now it is determined that she complies with the surrender and commutation regulations, and the commutation is changed to 11 years.


On the evening of February 20, 2021, Li, who was 53 years old at the time, had a quarrel with her cohabitant, Zhang Nan, and then fought each other. Zhang first beat Li on the head and face. He continued to attack Zhang Nan with wine bottles and buckets.

Li Nv found that Mr. Zhang was lying on the ground and was unconscious, so she quickly called 119 to call the police.

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When the police arrived at the scene, they found that Zhang Nan had been stabbed 15.5 centimeters deep into the abdomen, bleeding profusely. He was rushed to the hospital for first aid, but he was still declared dead.

Ms. Li suffered facial swelling, cuts on her left and right hands, and was sent to the hospital for treatment without serious problems.

The investigation by the prosecutor found that Li Nv stabbed Zhang Nan with a knife to a depth of 15.5 cm. The blade of the fruit knife broke from the handle with such force. According to the location and strength of Li's attack, it can be seen that she has murderous intent, and she was prosecuted for the crime of domestic violence and homicide.

Both the Taoyuan District Court and the High Court found that Li was involved in the felony of homicide, and did not meet the requirements for surrender and commutation, so the commutation was not granted, and she was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

The case was dismissed by the Supreme Court and remanded for retrial.

The High Court also found that Ms. Li was involved in homicide after the trial of the first instance. However, after considering the incident, Ms. Li dialed 119 to ask the personnel on duty of the fire station to send an ambulance to rescue them. After being dealt with at the scene, he frankly confessed to stabbing Zhang Nan with a knife during the police inquiry and made the transcript. He should comply with the voluntary surrender regulation and be given a reduced sentence. Today, the sentence has been commuted to 11 years in prison.

Li, who is in custody, has not appeared in court to hear the sentence, so it is impossible to know her opinion on the verdict.