A large heavy machine tool suspected of brake failure crashed into the pier of the sidewalk of Chengmei Bridge in Taipei City. At that time, there was only one-lane traffic left after get off work, causing traffic jams.

(Photographed by reporter Que Jinglun)

[Reporter Que Jinglun/Taipei Report] The Taipei City Chengmei Bridge leading to the Neihu Science and Technology Park was hit by a car accident at 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. A large heavy machine was suspected of brake failure and collided with the sidewalk pier. Because it was off work hours, only There was a single-lane traffic left, and many vehicles were jammed on the bridge. The police were at the scene to divert the traffic and remove the accident vehicles.

At around 5:30 p.m. today, a wheeled crane drove onto the sidewalk and hit the bridge pier on the Chengmei Bridge suspected of brake failure. After the Neihu Police Station received the report, it immediately activated traffic control and dispatched police to the scene to control and guide.

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It is understood that the heavy machine was suspected of going on the bridge in violation of regulations during the control period. The driver and passengers got out of trouble after the accident. The driver suspected that his hand was broken, and the passenger suffered minor bruises. The police and firefighters sent two people to the hospital for treatment. .

Police investigation, the driver confessed that the brakes failed at the time of the incident, and he accidentally caused the accident. The blow test confirmed that there was no drunk driving. There was only one lane left on the accident scene. The police continued to conduct traffic control and contacted the tow truck to eliminate the accident. Details of the cause of the accident Still to be clarified.