After a fire broke out in Meifu Warehouse in March last year, it smoldered for more than ten days. The raw meat and seafood in the factory rotted and caused a stench, which caused huge public grievances.

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[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] The fire at the Meifu warehouse in Taoyuan City last year caused serious air pollution. Zheng Wencan City Hall originally imposed a heavy fine of NT$6 million; however, Meifu refused to accept and filed a petition with the Environmental Protection Agency, which aroused criticism from the local civil representative.

In this regard, DPP Legislator Tang Huizhen emphasized today (21st) that the Environmental Protection Agency has a different view on whether there is human negligence in the Meifu Warehouse than the Taoyuan City Government, but it should not be distorted as Zheng Wencan's plan to benefit the Meifu Warehouse. Malicious political manipulation, completely contrary to the truth".

The Meifu Warehouse in Luzhu District was smoldering for more than ten days after a fire broke out in March last year. The raw meat and seafood in the factory rotted and caused the stench to linger for nearly forty days, causing huge public complaints. Pollution Prevention Act fined 1 million yuan and 5 million yuan respectively; KMT member Niu Xuting pointed out yesterday that Zheng Wencan said at the time that he would impose heavy fines on Meifu, but in fact Meifu successfully appealed as early as October last year, and the ticket was revoked without penalty. He will assist residents to file a civil class action lawsuit and demand an apology from the manufacturer.

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In this regard, Tang Huizhen said today that the Meifu warehouse fire caused serious air pollution, and the mayor Zheng Wencan was fined twice in a row for 5 million yuan, which is to show the city government's position in protecting the environment.

The so-called "not mentioning a word", "everything is false, beauty and happiness will not be punished", or the accusation of "passively producing evidence and safeguarding the interests of the consortium" are really smears.

Tang Huizhen pointed out that, knowing that Zheng Wencan caused serious air pollution due to the Meifu warehouse fire at that time, in addition to heavy fines, he also demanded that Meifu Company should take moral responsibility, and the amount of compensation should be 10 million yuan.

Unexpectedly, because Meifu Company filed a lawsuit, the Central Environmental Protection Agency thought that only human negligence could impose a penalty, so the original punishment was revoked.

Tang Huizhen explained that the fire at Meifu Warehouse caused post-disaster pollution because of its special building structure. Therefore, Mayor Zheng not only apologized to the nearby residents, but also demanded that Meifu Warehouse pay 10 million yuan to the nearby residents, and the Environmental Protection Bureau imposed a heavy fine. The way to show the determination to curb pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency has a different view on whether there is human error in the Meifu warehouse. The fact.

Tang Huizhen further criticized, and what is even more unbelievable is that some congressmen opened their eyes and said the wrong words, after trying to win the election with the squid tactics of the nine-in-one election last year, they continued to pursue the 2024 general election with this rogue method, in an attempt to It is really not advisable to confuse the public by using the Communist Party's style of "telling a lie for a long time before it becomes true".