The rankings of the University Star Project are released today, and 74 students from Qianzhen High School have been admitted, with dazzling results.

(Provided by Tuqian Township High School)

〔Reporter Fang Zhixian/Kaohsiung Report〕University's star project is released today. Qianzhen High School has admitted 74 people with brilliant results. China Medical University Department of Pharmacy; ordinary class Lin Yaxuan's family is not rich, relying on scholarships to reduce the family's burden, she is serious about her studies and was admitted to the Department of Business Administration of Taiwan Normal University.

A total of 74 students were admitted to the Qianzhen High School Star Project, with an admission rate of 61.1%. Among them, 15 students were admitted to popular departments such as National Taiwan University, Qing University, Yangming Jiaotong University, National Chengchi University, National Chengchi University, Zhongshan, Zhongxing, Zhongzheng, and Central Committee. There are 25 students in the special class and humanities class on the list, and 3 students in the gifted art class are on the list, and 2 of them are admitted to Taipei University of the Arts and National Taiwan University of Arts.

Chen Kailun, from the humanities class, has been concerned about international issues since he was a child, and has maintained excellent grades. He was admitted to the Law Division of the Law Department of National Taiwan University as he wished.

Song Zhiyun from the mathematics and science class has been ranked in the top 1% of the school for 3 years. She has made a special report on genetics in various elective courses. She is interested in the field of biomedicine and was admitted to the Department of Pharmacy of China Medical University.

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Lin Yaxuan lives in Meinong. Her mother is a new resident who works in agriculture in Meinong. Her family is not well-off. The school assisted her in applying for a bursary from the Wujia Mazu Charity Association to reduce the burden on the family.

The other 8 students have become university freshmen through multiple channels at home and abroad (including hopeful admission and special selection). Wang Yanhao from the mathematics and science class was admitted to Yangming Jiaotong University, Li Chengen from the mathematics and science class was admitted to Chung Cheng University, Huang Xiaolan was admitted to Kaohsiung Medical University, and Zeng Zi'an was admitted to Tzu Chi University.

Guo Junrui, a gifted art class, applied for admission to 4 American universities, including the Department of Fine Arts of the Rhode Island School of Design, which is ranked first in the United States, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Maryland Institute of Art (with scholarships), and performed very well.

Principal Su Qingshan said that Qianzhen High School is the leading high-quality high school in the community. It actively promotes the high-quality high school plan and is also a leading school for the 108 curriculum. Every former middle school student.

A group photo of students and teachers in the art gifted class of Qianzhen High School.

(Provided by Tuqian Township High School)