Soviet film star of Latvian origin

Ivar Kalnynsh

, who spoke out against the war in Ukraine, admitted that after such statements he was reprimanded.

In particular, Russians are dissatisfied with the artist's pro-Ukrainian position.

They try in every way to reproach him that he acted in Soviet and Russian films, so he should be grateful to Russia.

Meanwhile, Kalnynsh eloquently replied that he owed nothing to anyone.

According to him, he did not receive the large fees that the haters shout about in the USSR.

Ivar Kalnynsh / Photo: screenshot from the video

"They tell me: "You owe the Soviet Union, Russia, the Soviet government for everything." I say: "You owe me, you didn't pay extra!

Who owes whom else!". I'm also proud, and then, you might think, I owe Derzhkino something else. They earned millions, but we were rejected ridiculous ones (fees - editor's note). We went for it, because we are creative people , we can work for free, but free for the blind, not for fraudsters," the actor commented in an interview with rosZPM.

Ivar Kalnynsh also said that in his native Latvia they support Ukraine and oppose the war.

According to the actor, the Russian authorities should also give up their dreams of reviving the USSR, and instead focus on their country.

Ivar Kalnynsh / Photo: screenshot from the video

"Well, the communists didn't give happiness to all peoples, we need to calm down. Let's do it differently. If you want an empire, then build this empire on your territory, conquer Siberia," the celebrity said.

We will remind you that after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ivar Kalnynsh

renounced everything Russian

and spoke out against the war.

With his anti-war statements, the celebrity caused hysteria among supporters of the "Russian Peace".

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