Almost fifty representatives of this political force appealed to the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) with a call to exclude from the competition a country that "supports Russia's aggressive war in Ukraine."


Philip Kramer

said that the Football Association must "take a clear stand and show a clear line on who is allowed to participate and who is not".

At the same time, he noted that the arrival of players from Belarus to Germany is "unlikely from a sports point of view".

At Euro-2024, Belarus is in qualifying group I (together with Andorra, Israel, Kosovo, Romania and Switzerland).

The Belarusians will play the first match in the fight for a ticket to the European Championship against Switzerland on March 25 in Serbia.

In September of last year, German Interior Minister

Nancy Fraser demanded from UEFA to exclude the Belarusian national team from the qualifying matches of this championship.

This year, on March 15, deputies of the European Parliament sent a letter to the head of the football union,

Alexander Chaferin,

demanding that the Belarusian team not be admitted to the Euro 2024 qualifying matches.

More than 100 people signed it.

This decision, in their opinion, must be made in connection with violations of human rights in Belarus.

Similar appeals to UEFA were sent by members of the Swiss parliament, as well as by the Swiss-German human rights organization Libereco.

UEFA previously banned Russia from all its competitions due to the war in Ukraine.