European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders today welcomed the bill to increase the accountability of the Bulgarian Prosecutor General.

He commented on the topic at a press conference after a meeting of the Council of the EU, at which the discussion of the rule of law began in our country, in Belgium and the Czech Republic.

So far, all EU countries have passed this discussion, Reinders noted, BTA reported.

According to him, in the last two years, several positive events have been observed in our country.

Reynders set an example with the intention of our country to introduce an effective mechanism for seeking criminal responsibility from the Attorney General and his deputies.

We welcome this intention, which is related to the plan to recover the Bulgarian economy from the pandemic.

Such a reform would address the concerns we have expressed in reports on the rule of law in the EU and earlier in the evaluations of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, he added.

Cabinet re-approved the Attorney General's investigative mechanism proposal

The Bulgarian anti-corruption commission is working and I know that additional changes are planned to expand its scope of action.

We have recommended progress on corruption investigations, the European Commissioner pointed out.

He noted the measures taken to increase the integrity of officials, as well as the fact that lobbying in our country remains poorly covered by legislation.

We have recommended improvements regarding the media to increase transparency in the provision of state advertising funds, Reinders added.

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