A 2-year-old off-white Pekingese "Mucho" in Japan has an amazingly long tongue.

(Picture taken from @The_Mucho_World Twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Dogs usually stick out their tongues to dissipate heat, but a Japanese owner recently shared a PO article, saying that his cute and petite pet dog has an abnormally long tongue, which also confused him very much. How the tongue is usually stored in the mouth, and other netizens couldn't help exclaiming after sharing photos of the dog's super long tongue.

A Japanese netizen named "LOVEYOU" on Twitter raises a 2-year-old off-white Pekingese "Mucho" at home. On the 16th, a photo was posted on PO, showing the cute appearance of Mucho sticking out his pink tongue, but with his petite figure Different, the length of the tongue is so long that people feel very unscientific, like making a P picture after use, which also made the original PO feel very puzzled and said, "How is this tongue usually stored?"

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In addition, the original PO has another photo to prove that Mucho's tongue is really longer than imagined, and if he is not careful when he retracts it, he will directly throw it on his nose.

The original PO also revealed that because he was too worried about Mucho, he took him to the veterinarian for examination. The veterinarian also said that Mucho's long tongue was born and there was no problem at all.

After the photo was exposed, many netizens said that it was too long to be real, "It looks like a P picture!", "I thought it was April Fool's Day on April 1st", "I laughed, this picture looks Like a composite photo", "It should be like a tape measure, usually rolled up inside the body, and pulled out when needed", "My dog's tongue is also very long, so it often bites his own tongue? (laughs)".


と獣医さんに闻いてと「めっちゃ长いだけで大东です」と言われた Tongue pic.twitter.com/BROhZsboiC

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