Famous talker Wang Hao bluntly said that he hopes that anti-war scholars will show moral courage and criticize China as well as they criticize the United States, so as to keep an equal distance from the United States and China.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A number of scholars established the "Taiwan Anti-War Statement Working Group", and held a press conference yesterday to explain the four major demands of "peace, anti-arms, independence, and emphasis on climate". Sealed an "Open Letter to Fu Dawei, Lu Qianyi, Feng Jiansan, and Guo Lixin", saying bluntly, "I hope you will also show moral courage and criticize China as you criticize the United States, so that you can maintain an equidistant distance from the United States and China!"

Wang Hao stated in a Facebook PO post that the four professors called for "peace in Ukraine, truce negotiations, and no escalation of conflicts", but ignored the UN General Assembly's overwhelming 142-7 condemnation of Russia's aggression and unconditional withdrawal of troops. The Ukrainian government He and the people are determined to resist the aggression and regain the country, but they endorse Putin's excuses and lies of aggression.

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Since Ukraine became officially independent in 1996, when the EU and Russia hesitated and their positions were not firm, they signed several peace agreements with Russia, but they could not prevent Putin from annexing Crimea. After that, the Ukrainian people and government turned to the West Seeking support, Ukraine did not apply to join the European Union and NATO before Russia invaded last year.

The four professors attribute the cause of Russia's aggression to NATO's eastward expansion, which is to ignore the facts and seek excuses for the aggressors to shirk responsibility.

Four professors called for "stopping U.S. militarism and economic sanctions," accusing NATO of prolonging the war with military aid to Ukraine; accusing the West of economic sanctions against Russia for causing the global energy crisis and inflation.

But the fact is that after the Russian invasion, all the Ukrainian people resisted with soldiers, which moved the whole world. If the Ukrainian people did not show a strong and heroic resistance, the United States and NATO would not provide assistance, because the Ukrainian people share the same hatred, and international military assistance will only be available. Keep coming.

He said that Chiang Kai-shek sent Song Meiling to the U.S. Congress to give a speech to seek U.S. assistance in resisting Japan. Today, Zelensky sent his wife to the U.S. Congress to make a speech and seek U.S. assistance in resisting Russia. According to the logic of 4 digits, Chiang Kai-shek and Zelensky should not Seeking US aid, the US should not aid the Republic of China and Ukraine, because in the end it is the US arms companies that will benefit.

Regarding "No US-China war, Taiwan must be independent and maintain a friendly and equidistant relationship with major powers", four professors claimed that the CCP's threat to Taiwan was a provocation from the United States, ignoring Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang's recent press conference holding the Chinese Constitution , clamoring for the unification of Taiwan, and the People's Republic of China is the only country in the world that regards the elimination of the Republic of China and the deprivation of the right of self-determination of the people of Taiwan as its basic national policy. Only the CCP does not hesitate to use destructive force against Taiwan. Learn from Singapore's "isometric diplomacy", because the CCP's constitution clearly stipulates that Taiwan must be unified, and the CCP has never threatened Singapore in this way.

The United States has never claimed sovereignty over Taiwan, but has protected Taiwan's security for 73 years.

Wang Hao pointed out that Taiwan cannot pursue "neutralism" and be a fencer.

Over the past 73 years, the United States' military strength in the Asia-Pacific has been the guarantee of Taiwan's security.

If Taiwan wants the U.S. military to come to rescue when the Communists attack Taiwan, it cannot say that it is none of our business during the US-China Cold War and "seek advantages and avoid disadvantages."

Since the CCP is the biggest threat to Taiwan and the United States, and Taiwan and the United States have common enemies and common values ​​of freedom and democracy, then Taiwan should firmly ally with the United States, and at the same time strengthen its own defense capabilities. Only by preparing for war can we avoid war and maintain peace. .

Wang Hao asked, "Why didn't the four professors call for 'national budgets to be used for people's livelihood, social welfare and climate mitigation, rather than war and military force' to Xi Jinping?" In 2023, China's defense budget will increase by 7.2%. In order to prevent China from invading Taiwan by force and develop asymmetrical combat capabilities, Taiwan narrowed the gap in military expenditure between the two countries, but there is still a gap of 11 times. If the four professors really love peace, they should launch a joint petition calling on China to reduce military expenditure , give up the threat of force to Taiwan, and peacefully coexist with Taiwan.

Wang Hao bluntly stated at the end of the article, "You enjoy freedom of speech in the free world, criticizing the United States is justified, and you have the halo of the media and academia; but criticizing the CCP has to bear the consequences of not being able to visit, hold meetings, and publish in China. I hope you will also show morality. Courage, criticize China like you criticize the United States, so that you can keep an equal distance with the United States and China!"