The screen on the platform of the Indian railway station suddenly broadcast a 3-minute-long pornographic video, making the passengers on the scene look silly; schematic diagram.

(European News Agency)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] On the morning of the 19th at the Patna Junction Railway Station in Bihar, India, the LED screen on the platform suddenly broadcast a 3-minute pornographic video, making passengers on the scene look stupid , The whole process was also recorded by people's mobile phones.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, there were many passengers waiting for the train on the platform of Patna Railway Station. Unexpectedly, the screen on the platform suddenly made a sound, and then began to play pornographic videos. The whole process lasted about 3 minutes before being blocked. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) intervened in the closure, and the embarrassing situation also left many people at the scene at a loss.

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The report mentioned that after the incident, the authorities immediately launched an investigation into Dutta Communication, the agency responsible for handling the broadcast content, and found that an operator had fled. At present, they are considering issuing an arrest warrant for him and terminating the company's relevant cooperation contract. and blacklist it.

Patna Junction Railway Station Plays Porn Movie on TV Screen

— Daily Times India (@dti_news) March 20, 2023