The singer Nata Zhizhchenko, known as 


, unexpectedly spoke about ending her stage career. 

During the war, the performer participates in charity events and uses her creativity to help our country.

However, after the end of the war, ONUKA most likely wants to leave show business.

I think the future is unlikely to be on stage.

Perhaps these will be point projects, more narrowly targeted, less popular musically," the singer told "ZhVL".


The performer sees her future in reviving Ukrainian culture and rebuilding the country after the war.

In particular, Nata wants to work on the reconstruction of her native Chernihiv region, where in 2021 she began the restoration of the estate of her grandfather Oleksandr Shlionchyk, who created musical instruments.

"I see my future, my activity in the revival of Ukraine, in particular Chernigov, in particular the workshop, in particular this ethnographic space," the artist shared.


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