It cannot be denied that

the "big problem"

for all political parties in the upcoming election is to solve economic problems for the people.

What is the idea of ​​each political party?

What is the main point that will be presented to the public today,

“Thairath Online Specialist Team”

had the opportunity to chat with

“Mr. Thirachai Phuwanatnaranubal”,

former Minister of Finance?

who is currently joining as one of the economic teams of

Officially known

as Palang Pracharat Party

To try to find


from the important questions that all Thai people are most interested in knowing about in the 2023 elections.

"Mr. Thirachai Phuwanatnaranuban" Former Minister of Finance

and the Pracharath Party's economic team

Roles in the Pracharath Party economic team:

“I am well versed in monetary, fiscal, and economic as a whole, so I will present myself to the party to make policies mainly in this field.”

Thirachai Phuwanatnaranuban

with the 2023 elections :

“Oh … no (laughs). I don't run for either party-list MPs or district MPs because by nature I'm not proficient in sitting in the council, that is, if I get to work, I do it.

If I hadn't worked, I probably wouldn't have been hanging around the council (laughs).”

Thirachai Phuwanatnaranuban with persuasion from Uncle Pom :

“It was caused by the fact that before Mr. Sontirat Sontijirawong invited me to discuss the concept of energy policy with Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, when General Prawit was presented, he was pleased, which at that time I I emphasized to him that this kind of policy, although the people will benefit.

But you must be a little tired.

because he had to go to war with the private sector to give back some profits to the people, which Gen. Prawit replied that it was okay because I worked for the people

So I believe

And I think that if this is the case, the policy that I had thought would be able to actually be implemented.

and when he spoke out

So I decided right there.”

Thirachai Phuwanatnaranuban VS General Prayut Chan-o-cha :

It's not related like this... There is a book that I have written called Thailand Reset since 2017 in which I present several economic concepts.

One of which is people-centered.

which at this time is in line with the concept of Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan,

one thing is already valid, the next thing is to make policies that benefit the people

There must be reconciliation within the nation first.

and must transcend the individual

step out of shirt color

step for the people

which is in line with the policy of General Prawit at this time, saying

have to overcome conflict

fit in again.”

Promise from Uncle Pom

After the 2023 election :

“Nothing at all, now we are just thinking about the policy to provide a new alternative for the people that is not a discount, exchange, giveaway, or the only way to carry capitalists outright.”

The Palang Pracharat Party's economic policy must be sustainable.

Not focusing on populism:

“Personally, I would like to present to all political parties at the moment that

campaigning and nature of country administration

Economic management in the case of government

There may be many different things.

in the matter of the campaign

Okay, so it might just be a concept screening.

or doing something that has a selling point

or different from other political parties

But when it comes time to have the opportunity to become a government, various policies that campaign with the people

There should be a weigh-in to how much and how can what is expected to be achieved?

Because now it seems that the policies of various political parties

will focus on distributing money directly to the public

Or give money indirectly,

such as subsidizing expenses in various ways.

At this point, if spending money from the budget, it will have limitations.

Because the country's budget is limited as well,

so the presentation of various policies

Political parties should therefore think carefully.

Should not focus on the fact that borrowing money to give away

Because at this time, the country's budget has a deficit every year,

so if anyone brings the budget to reduce, exchange, give away

It's like we went to borrow money to give away.

Which is no different from ... the family has no money and goes to swipe the card.

Which of course it can go on for a long time

For this reason, political parties

Therefore, it should be planned and thought carefully in terms of possibilities.

So I would like to persuade the public to look at each other in that sense.

Which party has more policies that lead to sustainability?”

Palang Pracharat Party and Sustainable Economic Policy:

“The question of sustainability is how to create an opportunity to earn money.

For this reason, in my personal opinion, there is an idea that I would like to present to the Palang Pracharat Party that

First in terms of energy

How to make use of solar cells to benefit both urban and rural people?

Including having to bring benefits widely as well

For example... the first concept

For people in the city, if anyone produces

a Solar Rooftop

, they can take the electricity produced during the day and immediately offset the unit with the amount of electricity used at night.

But for people living in rural areas, the method will be used for one SAO to have one solar power plant (Solar Farm) by allowing the private sector to bid for the work.

And when invested, there are benefits

allocate benefits to the private sector at a rate that is not too high

so that part of the benefit falls on the Sub-district Administrative Organization, including the people in the community will benefit from getting energy at a lower price

At the same time, this kind of action will continue to create jobs for people in the community.

For the second idea is to reduce the use of fossil fuel vehicles (oil). Recently, the Pracharath economic team has the idea that

It is time that Thailand should seriously subsidize the conversion of petrol engines to electric engines.

to reduce air pollution problems

And lead to the center of the ASEAN region in the production of electric cars in the future.

In both of these concepts, it can be seen that

The Palang Pracharat economic team is focusing on finding policies that, in addition to reducing government expenditures,

At the same time, it can also lead to employment.

Or simply put, to see the picture is

Use less money from the government budget.

but focusing on spending a lot of money from the financial system

Including also emphasizing that people can bring it to the top

However, the implementation of this concept must be manageable for the benefit and disadvantage groups to be acceptable.

At the same time, various SAOs must be supervised to be ready.

and find a way to prevent exploitation as in the past

Because my main idea is to let the people take initiative, take action, and take care of each other.

To help the country advance, not to sit and wait for Oh (dragging sound). When will there be a good government?

Or when will there be only one Prime Minister who is all good?

I think it's better to make the people stand up with their feet and be able to excel on their own.

because if we try to look at various superpower countries

will find that people in that country

Often have the knowledge, ability, education and adaptability to cope with various crises, all of which start from thinking for themselves.”

No emphasis on populism = political disadvantage:

“I have to admit that it might be a disadvantage to other political parties.

But personally, I think that if the Palang Pracharat Party issues this kind of policy

people will benefit

At the same time, I also believe that some people may weigh this form of policy with the policies of other parties as well, because eventually all people will understand for themselves that the money that every party distributes is is the money that comes from the pockets of people in the future distributed today

And it's not their personal money.

It is therefore not uncommon that any political party would like to give away

However, it must be admitted that the people of this era are highly in tune with politicians, so they may choose the party that spends a lot of money.

but money from the monetary system

or is money from a business

without using the government budget

Like what the Pracharat Palang Party is about to do, it can be.”

Thirachai Phuwanatnaranuban = anti-populist

“No..I think like this..populist policy

If it's a reasonable group distribution

, such as giving money to people with disabilities or the elderly, and then distributing in an amount that is not too much.

Looks like this is enough.

Because it can still manage the debt to not escalate until it is more than it can manage.

Global economic problems VS new government :

“What the next government must deal with is

global economic slowdown

This can be seen from the symptoms of the capital market.

With the parade of withdrawals from banks in the US and Europe

, which is okay ... even now it seems to have subsided.

But personally, I believe that it should not end easily.

because of the policy of raising interest rates rapidly

causing accumulated losses hidden in the balance sheets of banks both in the United States and Europe quite a bit

And until now, it's not very clear how the national central banks of each country set the rules and regulations.

to hedge enough or not

Which would need to be closely monitored on the issue in this regard

But for me personally, I think ... it's quite difficult not to cause an accident from bad debt (NPL) that may be more than expected.

Because the important thing that must not be forgotten is

First, US policy interest was previously hovering near zero, but has now risen to 4-5%, pushing the monthly interest payments of indebted households and corporations up to 4-4%. 5 times like this, it will definitely cause problems.

Second, the Ukrainian war led to Western nations declaring Russian energy sanctions.

This has already increased household energy prices in Europe by 40% per year, leading to a decline in household purchasing power.

At the same time, the business sector, large or small, is also affected by rising energy costs.

From the factors mentioned above, it is inevitable that there will be no more NPLs in the financial system of both the United States and Europe.

But the important thing is... how much reserves have been set aside.

Which, if it's as I predicted, is that there are too many bad debts

It will cause a global economic slowdown and will gradually spread to Thailand.

Therefore, in terms of political parties that have issued various policies

Come and vote with the people during this time.

If this matter is not taken into account at all.

Thailand would definitely be in danger.”

When will the global economic crisis reach Thailand? :

“I believe it will be within this year for sure.

And within the next couple of months we should see more of a manifestation in Western capital markets.

Whether it's the stock market, bond market that may have a big adjustment.

After that, various measures should be issued.

came out to try to solve the problem

However, personally, I don't think this problem can be solved easily.

Because if the policy interest rate is lowered, it will not solve the inflation problem.

and when the inflation problem cannot be solved

It would also cause a fiscal dilemma.

Also known as the buffalo horn condition (Dilemma).

Therefore, as I try to emphasize, that is, if any political party focuses only on spending money

But there is no way to generate income for the community like the Palang Pracharat Party is trying to do.

Thailand would definitely be difficult.

Because when the global economy slows down

Thailand's competitiveness will also decrease.”

Solving economic problems VS political constraints :

“I think so.

In terms of economic management to help the country survive, I think everyone would agree, there would be no debate.

The problem will arise when we come out with any measures and there are people who benefit, namely the majority of the people (dragging their voices), but the losers are Mr. A., Mr. B. or Company X, Company Y. Here, there may be a boxing dance. together

There's going to be some debate (laughs), but we don't have extreme policies.

that do not take the business sector at all

Because the country can survive, there must be a business sector.

But the business sector must not take advantage of the people either.

At this time, I believe that the business sector must step back for the sake of the people.” Mr. Teerachai Phuwanatnaranuba

Concluding the conversation with the Thai Rath online news team.

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