When Ma Ying-jeou visited China to pay respects to his ancestors, DPP MP Lin Zhihong criticized him for cooperating with Chinese performances and spreading wrong information to the world.

(Provided by Lin Zhihong Service Office)

[Reporter Chen Wenchan/Kaohsiung Report] Former President Ma Ying-jeou will visit China to pay respects to his ancestors. DPP Kaohsiung City Councilor Lin Zhihong criticized Ma Ying-jeou for cooperating with China to perform and becoming a leading actor in Taiwan for China’s United Front drama. Ma Ying-jeou is a member of the party, otherwise Zhu Lilun will also be reduced to a Taiwanese supporting actor in China's United Front drama.

However, Kaohsiung City Councilor Li Yajing of the KMT pointed out that Ma Ying-jeou's visit to China to worship his ancestors during the Ching Ming Festival is reasonable, reasonable and not illegal. Zu Cheng, there is no need to demonize and smear red!

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Democratic Progressive Party member Lin Zhihong said that China often conducts internal and external publicity based on the fact that both sides of the strait belong to Chinese people and have the same blood and culture. This kind of drama lacks Taiwanese actors to cooperate with the performance. He criticized Ma Ying-jeou for going to China to worship his ancestors Just like a Taiwanese male lead in a Chinese united front drama, Ma Ying-jeou's words and actions in China are naturally the lines and positions of this united front drama.

Lin Zhihong criticized Ma Ying-jeou, who was the president of the Republic of China, but cooperated with China to perform, which will only send the wrong message to the world. Taiwan was originally willing to move closer to the communist totalitarian camp. This is what worries the people of Taiwan and the free and democratic camp countries in the world thing.

Lin Zhihong advises KMT chairman Zhu Lilun that if the KMT wants to gain a foothold in Taiwan and truly become a political party that the Taiwanese people can partially trust, it should expel Ma Ying-jeou from the party and tell the people that Ma Ying-jeou's behavior is personal and has nothing to do with the KMT. Taiwan's supporting actor in the United Front drama.

However, the Kuomintang Kaohsiung City Councilor Li Yajing pointed out that Ma Ying-jeou's announcement of the plan to visit China to worship ancestors instantly shattered the glass heart of the green camp, and even provoked the sensitive nerves of the "DPP-like" congressmen, and proceeded with the impolite words "If you go, don't come back". Demonize.

Li Yajing asked back, did the people from the green camp never sweep the grave?

The significance of sweeping the tomb is not really about the ancestors, but the inheritance, remembrance and gratitude between the families. Ma Ying-jeou went to China to worship his ancestors, and it seemed like he went to China to pick mangoes and cut off the dried mangoes in the green camp?

She believes that there is no need to slander and demonize the outgoing head of state in such a way.

Li Yajing said that especially when President Tsai Ing-wen attended the 2023 Spring Festival fellowship event for Taiwanese businessmen from the mainland last month, she stated that maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is the common responsibility of both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and it is also the common expectation of everyone.

Promoting healthy and orderly exchanges after the epidemic is also an important basis for consolidating the peaceful and stable development of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Just like the two former mayors of Kaohsiung, Hsieh Chang-ting and Chen Ju, they also went to China to worship their ancestors and market their cities. She is very sure of such a healthy and orderly exchange.

KMT member Li Yajing's opposition to the demonization of the green camp is unnecessary!

(Provided by Li Yajing Service Office)