Chinese democracy activist Wang Dan.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A number of scholars established the "Taiwan Anti-War Statement Working Group", and held a press conference yesterday to explain the four major demands of "peace, anti-arms, independence, and emphasis on climate".

Wang Dan, a Chinese pro-democracy activist, said that these scholars are not trying to reason, but trying to put on a pose.

The "Taiwan Anti-War Statement Working Group" made four major appeals for the anti-war statement: 1. Peace in Ukraine: truce negotiations are required to prevent conflicts from escalating; 2. Stop US militarism and economic sanctions; 3. No US-China war; Maintain friendly and equidistant relations with major powers. 4. The national budget is used for people's livelihood, social welfare and climate mitigation instead of war and military.

Wang Dan said in a PO post on Facebook that these words came from the mouths of several scholars, which is really jaw-dropping. They are not trying to reason, but just trying to put on a pose.

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Wang Dan pointed out that during Ma Ying-jeou's visit to China, scholars joined forces to oppose the war. No one should fail to see that it was not a coincidence, right?

The question is, who is the manipulator behind this series of actions.

This point is actually extremely scary to think about.