The National Intelligence Service of Greece exposed a Russian spy who, under the guise of a knitwear store owner, tried to gain access to the data of dead people.

This is reported by Protothema.

According to intelligence, 35-year-old Iryna Smyreva, who previously worked in Mexico and Montenegro under a fake passport of a Peruvian citizen, "purchased" documents in the name of Maria Tsalla in Greece for $5 million.

According to the new certificate, the Russian woman became the daughter of Greek emigrants, who moved to the capital of Greece as a child and became naturalized a year later.

A woman opened a knitwear shop in the central Athens district of Pagrati.

According to intelligence reports, the spy worked for the Foreign Intelligence Service or the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation.

She belongs to a special category of "illegal" spies who are sent to Western countries to "perform a special role."

Smyreva came into the field of view of the Greek special services after the connection with her of two Russian agents arrested in Slovenia in early 2023 was revealed.

The Russian woman also tried to access the database of dead people in Greece, which is a common practice of agents.

They did not have time to detain the woman.

The day before, she left Greece, closing the shop and deleting all profiles on social networks.

It will be recalled that the Kremlin

 banned the use of


 and required the purchase of phones of other brands.

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