Lishan Hotel launched the activity of "Old Customers Going to the Mountain to Change Oxygen" to seize the business opportunity of the central government to distribute 6,000 yuan.

(Photo by reporter Ou Sumei)

[Reporter Ou Sumei/Taichung Report] The government issued a general cash payment of 6,000 yuan, and people will have a small income in April. The hotel industry also took the opportunity to launch special discounts to grab customers. Wuling Farm has a three-day, two-night flash mob and a five-day, four-night longstay program. Lin Minzheng, deputy general manager of Lishan Hotel, pointed out that April and May are the seasons for picking and making alpine spring tea, as well as the seasons for wisteria, plum and apple blossoms. In the open season, it is time to travel up the mountain.

Lishan Hotel launched the activity of "old customers going to the mountain to exchange oxygen". As long as the guests who have stayed in Lishan Hotel have left a reservation number, they can enjoy a 30% discount on weekdays and a 10% discount on holidays when staying in Lishan Hotel in April and May, except for breakfast and dinner In addition, there will be a free ticket to Fushoushan Farm, and a discount of 200 yuan per room for more than two rooms at a time.

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Wuling Farm launched a longstay plan. From April 17th to May 31st, the stay is five days and four nights. The double suite only costs 5,600 yuan. Meals, tickets and parking fees are not included, and no amenities are provided. Cooking is prohibited inside. In case of a holiday, the price will be calculated according to the holiday price. Registration is required for meals, and a 15% discount is provided for the buffet.

In addition, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the farm, from April 10 to May 31, Wuling Farm launched a three-day, two-night pop-up accommodation special package, a double suite is only 5,600 yuan, excluding tickets and parking fees , but includes breakfast and dinner, but not applicable on Saturdays.

Lin Minzheng, deputy general manager of Lishan Hotel, pointed out that April and May are the seasons for picking and making high-mountain spring tea. There is also a unique tea fragrance on Lishan, and wisteria, plum and apple blossoms bloom in April.

Lishan is located in the important transit hub of Taichung, Nantou, Yilan, Hualien and other counties and cities. Tourists who like to travel in high mountains can stop by Lishan. In May, you can enjoy the beautiful alpine rhododendrons on Mount Hehuan. Many tourists will also take advantage of the flower season to go up the mountain.

Lin Minzheng said that the weather has been warming up quickly recently, and the weather conditions on the high mountains will make people feel comfortable. Walking on the high mountains, every breath of air feels different, and it is the right time to travel up the mountains.

Wuling Farm launched a three-day two-day flash mob and a five-day four-night longstay plan, and they also want to grab the opportunity to distribute 6,000 yuan in cash.

(Photo by reporter Ou Sumei)