In Punjab, police action against Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh is going on for the last four days.

A video related to Amritpal Singh has surfaced, in which he is seen running on the front seat of the car at the toll plaza.

The police suspect that Amritpal Singh can dodge the police by changing his getup.

In such a situation, for his arrest, the Punjab Police has released some pictures of different looks.

The police has appealed to the people to inform immediately on getting any information about any such person.

Punjab's Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sukhchain Singh Gill has released photographs of Amritpal Singh in this case.

From haircut to clean shave... Amritpal Singh has been shown in different looks.

Police released a set of seven photographs in which radical Amritpal Singh, 30, can be seen sometimes clean shaven, sometimes with a different hairstyle, sometimes wearing a turban.

Inspector General (IG) of Punjab Police Headquarters Sukhchain Singh Gill has released these pictures on Tuesday evening by holding a press conference on the Amritpal case.

Addressing the media, he said that the present situation in Punjab is completely under control.

No untoward incident has happened in the state.

Earlier, footage exclusively accessed by NDTV showed Amritpal Singh getting out of a car.

After getting out of the car, Amritpal Singh goes on a bike with his colleagues.

The Punjab Police has been reprimanded by the Punjab and Haryana High Court on this matter today itself.

Giving information about Amritpal Singh's escape by dodging the police, Sukhchain Singh Gill said, 'The Brija car in which Amritpal fled has been found.

He changed his clothes and wore jeans pants at Nangal Gurdwara and then fled from there on a motorcycle.

He told, 'Amritpal and three other people fled on a bike.

Three people who accompanied Amritpal to the gurudwara in a Breeza car have been arrested, while those who fled with him on a bike are yet to be arrested.