New Delhi:

Earthquake tremors were felt in Delhi-NCR on Tuesday night.

The intensity of the earthquake on the Richter scale was 6.6.

According to the Department of Seismology, the epicenter of the earthquake was in Kalafgan, 90 km from Afghanistan.

Earthquake tremors in India were also felt in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Jammu-Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Bihar.

Important information related to the case:

  • Earthquake tremors were felt for several seconds at around 10.15 pm on Tuesday night.

    People came out of their homes in panic after the tremors of the earthquake.

  • Apart from India, tremors were also felt in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and China.

    So far there is no news of loss of life or property due to the earthquake.

  • Earthquake tremors have also been felt in Pakistan's Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar.

    Here too people came out of their homes.

  • An atmosphere of fear was seen among the people regarding the earthquake.

    People came out of their houses.

    Stood outside for a long time.

  • Earthquake tremors were felt in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh a day ago.

    At present, there was no loss of life or property.