A man surnamed Lin drove 2 colleagues home drunk and was stopped without seat belts on.

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[Reporter Huang Liangjie/Kaohsiung Report] A 53-year-old man surnamed Lin from Kaohsiung drove his colleague back to his residence in Tianliao after drinking. When he drove away from a parking lot in Gushan District, the police from the Gushan Sub-bureau saw that Lin and the passengers were not wearing seat belts. The police stopped him. Each bill was fined 6,000 yuan. Because Lin Nan smelled of alcohol all over his body, he lied that he hadn't drunk it. He took a drink test as high as 0.81 over the limit, and when he learned that the limit was more than three times, Lin Nan couldn't believe it and said, "Milu (beer) ) will be 0.81? Damn it", he was emotional for a while, the police quickly handcuffed him and sent him off, and the two passengers in the same car were fined 6,000 yuan each for "drinking and driving without persuasion".

The Gushan Sub-bureau pointed out today that when the patrol team of the Longhua Police Station passed Huatai Road in Gushan District yesterday afternoon, they saw a van driving away from the parking lot. When the car was stopped, the driver surnamed Lin (53 years old) smelled of alcohol.

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When Lin Nan was questioned by the police, he lied at first that he hadn't drunk alcohol. It wasn't until the police warned that he could smell the strong smell of alcohol that he confessed that he drank a little at the instigation of his colleagues. He thought he had passed 1 or 2 After hours, it was impossible to exceed the standard, so he took the alcohol test calmly, and the alcohol test value reached 0.81 mg per liter. He expressed his disbelief, and said to the police: "Milu (beer) will be 0.81? Damn it", wondering if he is not Drinking sorghum wine, questioned the alcohol testing equipment, asked to retest was rejected.

It is understood that Lin Nan was going to take his colleagues back to his residence in Tianliao District after getting off work that day. Unexpectedly, the police found that the passengers in the car were not wearing seat belts shortly after he was on the road. Lin Nan was questioned by the police At that time, at first he lied that he hadn't drunk alcohol, until the police officer warned him that he could smell a strong alcohol smell, he said that he would face it calmly when he encountered it, and he was confident that the alcohol test value could not exceed the standard, the result was as high as 0.81, and he was arrested on suspicion of public danger. The police handcuffed and arrested him on the spot.

The other two passengers in the same car were also given violation tickets for violating the Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations because they did not dissuade them from driving under the influence of alcohol. A total of 16,500 yuan was fined for three people in the car due to traffic violations. Lin Nan was also brought to justice for the crime of public danger.

☆Drinking too much alcohol is harmful to health, and drinking and driving is prohibited☆