In the 74th phase of Kaohsiung City Wucuo self-administered land rezoning in Daliao District, some landlords did not want to participate in the rezoning and launched Chen Kang.

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[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] There was controversy over the rezoning case of Wucuo in Daliao District. The Gaoshi Land Management Bureau emphasized today that priority should be given to the disadvantaged. It has sent a letter to the rezoning committee to propose a removal plan before April 20, and will not Those who agree are excluded from the scope of urban land rezoning.

Kaohsiung City's 74th Phase of Wucuo District, Daliao District self-organized urban land rezoning. Because some landlords objected to the disturbance for 8 years, the city government approved the implementation of urban land rezoning in September last year, which once again triggered Chen Kang. Yue also came to the scene to support, and it is understood that the opponents will take action again in the next two days.

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In this regard, the Kaohsiung City Land Affairs Bureau stated today that the owners and residents of the 74th Wucuo self-run city rezoning area in Daliao District expressed their feelings and disagreed to participate in the rezoning. On January 19 this year, they promised to give priority to vulnerable residents. Changes, before the rights and interests of disadvantaged households are not properly protected, there will be no follow-up rezoning operations.

The Bureau of Land Affairs emphasized that in order to assist the petitioners, four coordination meetings were held on February 23 and 24 to invite landlords who oppose the rezoning to communicate and listen to the opinions of the landlords. The conclusion is that the rezoning will respect the wishes of the landlords, and those who disagree will be drafted In addition to the scope of elimination, the elimination plan of the redrawing scope is currently being studied by the Redrawing Committee.

The Land Registry Bureau stated that in order to further protect the rights and interests of landowners, the city government has sent a letter, and the weight limit division will propose a plan for elimination before April 20.