It is reported that the member of the BSDP of Minsk, Aleksey Gorovoi, was transferred to the pre-trial detention center.

It is not known what article he is accused of.

On February 20, 2023, HUBAZIK detained Aleksei Gorovoi at work.

After a search in the apartment in Minsk, he and his wife were taken to the police.

Later, the wife was released to the small child, and Aleksei was placed in the detention center on Akrestin and later sentenced to 14 days for allegedly disobeying the police.

On March 6, Aleksey was not released.

The Frunzensky Police Department of Minsk reported that it was taken by GUBAZIK.

The next day, Aleksei was again sentenced to another 15 days of administrative arrest and again for "disobedience".

Later, on the pro-government TG channel, a video recorded under the coercion of the security forces appeared, where Alyaksei Horavy says that he allegedly left comments addressed to law enforcement officers.

And on March 15, it became known about the detention of his father, a social democrat from the city of Gorodot, Leon Horovoy.

His apartment and his mother's apartment were searched, and the activist himself was placed in the detention center of the Haradotsky police station.

On March 17, the court sentenced Levon Garovy to 15 days of administrative arrest for allegedly distributing "extremist" materials.

In 2020, Levon Horovoy, a diabetic, was detained by the police and left without food for three days.

This became the cause of a microstroke, it is written on the website of supporters of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada).

Lyavon Garavy is a well-known activist of the democratic movement, journalist and local historian in the town.

Previously, he worked as a director of a rural school, and was a deputy of the local Council of Deputies.