Recently, a netizen in Tainan expressed in a PO article that he wanted to sell the wooden dressing table of his grandma because he couldn’t bear the fact that the deceased grandma would often “greeting” to him through the mirror in the middle of the night.

(The picture is taken from the Explosive Waste Commune)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Someone really wants to sell Grandma!

Recently, a netizen in Tainan said in a PO article that he wanted to sell a set of wooden dressing tables, but he also admitted in the article that the real reason for wanting to sell it as soon as possible is because the deceased grandma would "greeting" through the mirror in the middle of the night. ", which made him feel a little annoyed.

After the post was exposed, it immediately aroused heated discussion and sharing among countless netizens.

According to the PO post of the original PO on Facebook, it first stated that a set of wooden dressing tables with a length of 110 cm, a width of 35 cm, and a height of 140 cm will be sold, without stools. There is a large rotatable round mirror on the table, which has been wrapped in transparent film. good.

Then he revealed that this group of dressing tables came from his deceased grandma, and said in a surprising way, "Sometimes grandma would come to the mirror to say hello in the middle of the night and say, 'I'm dying'. It’s functional, and I hope someone who is destined can take over.”

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As soon as the post came out, the overly honest narration in the post, as well as the product with too special functions, immediately became popular on the Internet, and was even shared by many netizens on Facebook groups such as "Explosive Waste Commune" and "Little Waste Club".

Netizens expressed, "The concept of selling grandma!", "Buying a dressing table as a gift for grandma is great value for money", "If grandma goes, there is a 7-day appreciation period", "Grandma didn't come Can you sue the advertisement for being false!?”, “It’s a great dressing table, I bought it for my grandma, after my grandma used it, my feet didn’t hurt anymore, my hands didn’t feel sore, and my heart didn’t beat up."

Some other netizens discussed that this set of "psychic" dressing tables may be used in different ways, "I bought it, and grandma will coax you to sleep at night", "there are not many mirrors that can video chat with grandma." , "Grandma...can you wake me up on time at 7 o'clock in the morning", "Can I ask grandma if she knows the next lottery number?", "Did you give grandpa a gift? I have two grandma They are still there, not very lacking", "It can be placed in the community hall, so that there is no need to hire night administrators".