Fishermen in Colorado, USA found a camera that had been in the water for 13 years, and they could still read the photos.

(Picture taken from Coral Elise Amayi Facebook)

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American man Spencer Greiner was fishing in the Animas River in Colorado recently. He accidentally found a camera at the bottom of the river in shallow water. After picking it up, the memory card could still read the photos. It didn’t take long to spread through social media. Then the owner was found, and the brand of the camera that had been in the water for 13 years was also exposed.

According to the "UPI" report, Greiner revealed that he saw the camera protruding from the sand at the bottom of the river. Because it looked like it had been soaked for a long time, he wanted to throw it away, but he opened it out of curiosity. The memory card slot of the camera, after finding that it was full of water, he thought it must be broken, but he did not expect to see photos of various parties, weddings and rafting adventures when he used the computer to read it.

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After Greiner posted the photo to the local Facebook community, some netizens recognized herself in the photo and confirmed that the owner was a woman named Coral Amayi. She confirmed that she went rafting on the Animas River in 2010 The camera was lost during the expedition. Judging from the location where it was found, the camera has moved 1.2 miles (about 1.93 kilometers) along the river in the past 13 years.

Amayi revealed that the brand model of this camera is Olympus Stylus 790W. The camera itself is unusable, but the memory card is intact.

It is understood that Olympus is a Japanese optical company. This camera is mainly drop-resistant and waterproof, but Olympus has sold its camera imaging business in 2020.