A new history of our beach soccer team...it has already happened!

After the Barefoot Barefoot Thai National Team

Binding the hearts of more than a hundred fighters

Until the turn over to beat Bahrain 2-0

Winner of Group A through to the quarter-finals

In the Asian Beach Soccer Championship "AFC Beach Soccer Asian Cup 2023"

gracefully for the first time

After previously competing in the final 4 times since 2013

Thailand has never made it to the second round.

even once

Many football fans may be confused that oh!

Then I used to write a column often that

The Thai beach soccer team went to the 4th place in the world in Brazil 21 years ago.

What is?

Must learn that at that time, "Beach Soccer" was not yet a tournament that "FIFA" officially recognized.

Beach Soccer World Cup

held each time

therefore using the method of sending compared to inviting nations from all over the world to join together

Until later, the International Football Federation

take care of the competition

to have qualified each continent conscientiously

which Thailand may have started playing this kind of sport before many nations in Asia

But we've been missing a long development phase.

Causing everything to start counting again in later years

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Thai beach soccer world rankings

therefore being the vice-president of other nations joining the line

Until many people did not expect that.. we will survive the shoal.

Qualified for the knockout round!

Even the barefoot legs of this war elephant

Prove to everyone that

“They can do it.”

Plus it's doing well...better than expected.

It's appropriate to receive an injection of money from "Big Pom" Adisak Benjasiriwan.

Vice president of the association

Futsal and beach soccer

Including Lieutenant General Issara Watcharaprateep, team manager and "Big Su" Sutin Buatoom, manager of the Thai national futsal team.

who help each other to win a total of 8 hundred thousand baht as a reward for this historic work

by the next goal

of the military commander of the Thai national team

It's up to the UAE to break the checkpoint, the host of the 2023 Beach Soccer World Cup, to be able to get into the final 8 teams.

who will fight each other in the evening today (March 22) at the Jomtien Beach Arena, Pattaya

Which will "Channel 9 HD" press 30 will broadcast live to cheer each other up at 6:30 p.m.

which will be open to football fans to visit "free" at the edge of the field

If this match passes the UAE successfully enters the playoffs

The final tickets for the World Beach Ball are within reach...already!!

and on this night

In addition to cheering for beach soccer

Late at night, about half past midnight

Don't miss out on cheering up the Chang Suek football team, aged not over 23 years old, to start playing football in the Doha Cup.

They will meet Saudi Arabia U23 as the first stage at Al Ahli Stadium, Doha, Qatar.

In which this young war elephant team has “Coach Har” Issara Sritaro as the head coach

And there is "Big Yim" Yuttana Yimkarun, acting as the director of the Thai national team for 23 years (it's the position of "team manager" that's it!), taking care of the team.

It is believed that this tournament will help create more experience and strength for Thai players.

Before they go ahead with the mission of hunting for men's football gold medals at the 2023 Southeast Asian Games in Cambodia

Followed by a qualifying battle

Olympic football in the Asian zone, which is considered the real main goal.

By the first game of the Doha Cup battle with Saudi Arabia tonight

"Thairath TV" HD Channel 32 and AIS Play will shoot live for us to watch at the head of the house.

Let's help win a barefoot war elephant at night and come cheer on Thai U23 footballers late at night.

Let's talk about full of caramel... Let's go, brothers and sisters!!!

                                                   - B Bangpakong -