Great Britain announced the supply of armor-piercing projectiles with shells made of depleted uranium to Ukraine.

This was stated in a statement in Parliament by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Great Britain, Baroness Annabel Goldie.

She answered a question raised in the House of Lords regarding the transfer of depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine.

"Along with providing Ukraine with a squadron of Challenger 2 main battle tanks, we will supply ammunition, including armor-piercing shells containing depleted uranium. Such shells are highly effective in hitting tanks and armored vehicles," she said.

We should add that depleted uranium is a metal of high density, three times higher than the density of iron.

It is used mostly for the production of combined armor and armor-piercing subcaliber projectiles.


the European Union 

agreed to accelerate the transfer of ammunition to Ukraine.

The plan envisages providing Ukraine with 1 million shells by the end of 2023. 

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